The Online Marketer’s A B C’s

The A B C’s of the Online Marketer




Working in the online marketing industry isn’t as easy as it looks.


There should be certain instilled characteristics in order to last the never ending competition towards sales. With stressful aspects like conversions, sales, website traffic, and the like, earning your spot in this industry requires a lot to have success.


Regardless if you’re an aspiring marketer or someone who thinks he or she has what it takes to become a marketer, you must check out B2B Aaron Harris’  the A B C for online marketers





Are you ready?


A – Achiever – Every marketer should believe that he or she could reach everything with all their might. A person who thinks that they can reach their goals by using all of their available resources is worthy enough to consider as a marketer.

B – Believer – He or she should trust their instincts when it comes to marketing. A marketer who can’t even rely on their guts is not worthy for their spot.

C – Cooperative – Marketers should know how to cooperate with others. Team work is one necessary aspect that is required in marketing.

D – Determined – Marketers should stick on their goals and never falter reaching it.

E – Eccentric – Being unique is one characteristic that could help any marketer rise above the rest.

F – Factual – Facts and data are required to achieve that marketing goal. He or she must know how to respect statistics and to accept it whole heartedly.

G – Grateful – Marketers should know how to thank anyone for their contribution in terms of work.

H – Humble – No matter how far any marketer can reach, he or she should still bow their head and be humble enough to look where they started.

I – Imaginative – Marketers should also use their creativity when it comes to advertisements and promotions in order to increase website traffic.

J – Juvenile – Marketers should always come up with fresh ideas to cook up.

K – Keen – He or she must know what is fake and what is not. Marketers should be able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong in his/her decision.

L – Lucky – Marketing is not 100% determination and hard-work. You should also be somehow lucky in order to succeed well on it.

M – Meticulous – Just like being keen, you must figure out whether you are being tricked or not. You must also know when to question actions and when to let it go.

N – Nimble – You must act fast and hastily when it comes to marketing. Just like what they say, the early bird gets the worm!

O – Optimistic – Be positive in everything you do!

P – Professional – Be man or woman enough to act accordingly when it comes to marketing.

Q – Qualitative – Remember, it’s not about “how many” , it’s about “how good” you are in terms of tasks.

R – Ridiculous – Sometimes, you must also think outside the box in order to generate the right ideas for your business.

S – Satisfying – Learn to be satisfied in everything you chose when it comes to your business.

T – Truthful – Never bring false information when it comes to your products and services.

U – Unlimited – The sky is the limit when it comes to marketing. Learn to dream high and let everything happen

V – Vocal – Marketers should learn to speak up whenever something is not right.

W – Wise – Any marketers should always learn from their experience.

X – Xen – Don’t be afraid to be new in the business. Being foreign on this field is a common trait to each and every marketer

Y – Yappy – Every marketer should also know how to talk the talk and to continuously communicate with other people.

Z – Zesty – And lastly, you should always add some “twist” to the things that you do when you market your brand.


Phew!  That was a long list, right?  That’s the A B C for online marketers!


So do you think you have what it takes to be an online marketer?


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0 Replies to “The Online Marketer’s A B C’s”

  1. Hi,
    Aaron Harris sounds very knowledgeable. Cool A to Z list. I’m thinking of trying to be a guest blogger, but without submission guidelines, how do I know which post would be best to submit?? Happy holidays, Janice

  2. This is a great list! There are always things to learn and improve upon in marketing. I’m not much of a marketer, probably because I’m not ambitious enough. Or perhaps school is sucking all the energy out of my life. lol. I should make marketing a goal for next year. Learn how to do it and keep doing it.

    1. Thanks Erin! Yes definately, you should make it a marketing goal for the new year 🙂 Totally agree! If you would like any help let me know, I would be glad to give you some great resources and more tips!

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thanks 🙂 Appreciate your comment my friend! I have a great resource on my blog that may help you to DREAM big……it is right underneath my banner, I just got them and I have to say I am so looking forward to having the BEST 2015 ever!!

  3. Awesome list Joan – I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to suggest one small tweak and that would be changing Optimistic to “Realistically Optimistic.” There is this little thing called “optimism bias” which basically means that some people interpret optimism to mean that all will be well if you just think positive thoughts and while that may make you feel good for a time, it also tends to create a tendency to overlook – if not outright ignore – potential problems. That’s a kind interpretation because researchers tend to refer that type of optimism as being everything from faulty to naive.

    My definition of realistic optimism is as follows: The resilient optimist believes in the good things in life and is passionate about creating her own destiny. She is neither naive, nor blind to life’s challenges, but always looks for the opportunities to grow as a result of her experiences.

    Thanks for the inspiration Joan. Wishing you a happy, healthy Holiday Season and New Year!

    1. Thanks Marquita 🙂 Sure one small tweak from you would be great! Appreciate it and ya know your “tweak” sounds much better 🙂 Love your definition is great and I totally agree with you! Hope you have an awesome Holiday season as well my friend 🙂 Many blessings for the new year!

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