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This Is What You Need To Know To Optimize Web Copy








Here are The 4 Silver Bullets to Optimize Web Copy by Joanna, author of




Imagine you’ve got your standard home page going on — value prop divided into headline and subhead,banner, body copy, testimonials, product shots or product info…..and you take any of those home page elements and apply one of these 4  silver bullets to them….

  1. Prominence
  2. Clarity
  3. Believability
  4. Emotion & Tone



These are the  “4 silver bullets” that will turn any copy you have on your page right now into copy you can test.



1.  Prominence

Make a potentially high-converting element on your home page stand out better so more visitors see it. 

  • Make your value prop bolder, darker, centered in a larger font
  • Make the benefits in your body copy stand out by turning them into subheads that introduce each paragraph
  • Bring your best-selling product to the front or top of the product shots
  • Put your reasons to believe and incentives closer to your buttons and image



2.  Clarity

Make a potentially high-converting element on your home page clearer, more succinct and easier for your target market to understand.

  • Eliminate jargon that means nothing to your target market
  • Add jargon (strategically!) that resonates with your target market
  • Expand on your value prop so it reads less like a diluted summary
  • Cut unnecessary words from your value prop so visitors pause to read it



3.   Believability

Make a potentially high-converting element on your home page more believable by using demos and social proof (in the words of customers).

  • Replace your subhead with a user testimonial that says essentially what your subhead did
  • Replace the copy in your hero banner with testimonials
  • Replace the stock photo or product shot in your hero banner with a product demo



4.  Emotion & Tone

Make visitors feel more for a potentially high-converting element on your home page or the entire home page.

  • Rewrite your copy so it has a more tangible personality (one that your target audience would likely respond well to)
  • Replace your site background with an emotion-laden seasonal photo (e.g., snow falling on log cabin in the winter)
  • Replace any forms on your home page with “mad lib”-style stories to complete
  • Swap standard adjectives and verbs for powerful, emotion-packed words




The thing about simply running a test that uses these 4 silver bullets is that you still want to create a hypothesis for your test.



They’re critical to understanding test results.



If you can’t test, you can always simply try to apply any or all of these 4 silver bullets to the parts of your page your non-converting visitors have told you they need to better understand.





Go ahead and you can make that tweak right now.




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