PAC-Power Affiliate Club

What is PAC-Power Affiliate Club?




PAC-Power Affiliate Club-A community of like-minded bloggers, for bloggers, by bloggers that will help you become the best at blogging and affiliate marketing with its 2 fearless leaders, Lesly Federici and Monna Ellithorpe…..It started out as an idea of Monna’s and it blossomed with Lesly implementing it.  The idea came from a discussion and a question about affiliates coming together to buy from each other.


From my experience with PAC, and for any blogger starting out, it’s a great platform to learn more about blogging, enhance your writing skills, and participate in a community that promotes your marketing and blogging skills………


We represent a professional, unique and informative blogger community that attracts readers and potential new members on the internet.  The purpose of our community is to elevate YOU and contribute to building your own unique blogger presence online.


“Our Mission is simple:  We support and promote bloggers and their Affiliate Programs. This is a community where members can purchase products and services from fellow members”.…..says Monna


PAC offers two membership levels with varying benefits;

1) Basic/FREE Community Membership
Benefits: Join our FB group here===>>>
Facebook Group Activities –

* Blogging Spreadsheet
* Focus Group/Day
* Community Hangouts
* Access to the PAC Blog Affiliate Shop (member store)
* Limited to 2 Affiliate Link Submissions on the PAC Blog (Must be active on the Blog Spreadsheet)
* Top Member Commentator on PAC Blog Contest
* Blog Spreadsheet Bonus Commentator Contest
* Blog Spreadsheet Bonus Winner Spotlight on PAC Blog


2) PAC Member  $3.95/month
All of the above and:

* Unlimited Affiliate Link Submissions (must be active on the blog spreadsheet).
* PAC Expert Author Opportunity.
* Author Article Promotion.
* Affiliate School.
* New: “The PAC 5% Club” (Inspiration, motivation Hangout).
* Top Expert Author Commentator on PAC Blog Contest.
* Expert Author Weekly Spotlight and Promotion.
* Opportunity to create and teach a workshop using our conference room.


It’s pretty much a proven fact that people working online with a team or in a community have a greater chance of success than if they try to work alone and do everything without some kind of support, encouragement and feedback.


Power Affiliate Club Will Inspire You……JOIN US!



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