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Important Tips For Personal Branding








Here are a 10 personal branding tips you need to know to help you create a more effective online marketing personal brand.




“Personal branding is something you need to understand”…..says Michael Hyatt.






 Here are Michael Hyatt’s  and Barry Feldman’s  10 personal branding tips






1.  Define your audience.

  • The focus of your blog—and all your content—must be your readers.
  • What are their needs?
  • What are their pains?
  • How can you help?



2.  Create a clear value proposition.

  • What can you offer your audience?
  • What will they get from investing their time in your content?
  • Do you offer resources to help people work smarter?
  • Do you offer leadership insights?
  • Create a succinct and simple answer and you have your value proposition.
  • A clear value proposition will serve as a framework for all your efforts.



3.  Write a compelling brand slogan.

  • Remind yourself of the level of noise in media today and recognize how critical it is to make a strong impression quickly.
  • How can you summarize your brand promise in a concise slogan?



4.  Show yourself.

  • People want to connect with people
  • Presenting a great photo of yourself helps establish credibility and build trust.
  • It also helps you connect via social media.
  • Get a great head shot that captures the real, authentic you.



5.  Establish a look

  • Any memorable brand, your personal brand included, should present itself consistently.
  • Using a variety of logos, colors, and fonts will confuse your audience.
  • Develop a look for your personal brand with:
  • A professionally designed logo
  • A pleasing color palette
  • A limited menu of fonts
  • Apply the standards you create to everything—your website, business cards, advertising, etc.



6.  Find your voice.

  • A goal in the development of your personal brand should be building a tribe, that is, a growing community of dedicated fans.
  • You have to discover how to express yourself as the unique individual you are.



7.  Create an email list.

  • Personal branding is largely online marketing.
  • The most valuable asset an online marketer could ever hope to have is an email list—people who have raised their hands and declared, “market to me,” or perhaps, “keep me in the loop.”



8.  Build a circle of influencers.

  • Want to be influential?
  • It’s in the job description of the personal brander
  • There are a variety of ways you can build your influence and authority by forging new relationships  as you build your personal brand:
  1. Create “roundup” content that recognizes authoritative leaders and their work.
  2. Shake hands and swap business cards at events.
  3. Call on experts to contribute to your content.
  4. Create communities of your own on LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media.
  5. Ask people you know to introduce you to people they know (a.k.a. networking) and look for partnership opportunities.
  6. Publish lists, for example, books or blogs you’ve read.
  7. Ask for guest post opportunities.
  8. Share the content of influencers you admire.



9.  Create content.

  • Your personal brand is reflected in the content you create and share.
  • Creating content to showcase your expertise must be at the core of your personal branding efforts.
  • Focus on sharing your knowledge.
  • Don’t fear having a strong point of view.
  • Say what you think.
  • Remember, we’re taking about a personal brand. You.
  • If you want to challenge convention, do it.
  • By taking a stand, you might not appeal to everyone, but that’s not the goal.
  • You want to ignite the passion in the right people.



10.  Connect and stay connected.

  • The development of your personal brand, and ultimately, your ability to capitalize on it is derived from the connections you make.
  • The power of your network:
  • Building a great network takes time. Make it part of your daily routine and seek to expand it continuously.
  • The wider your network, the more resources you have to solve problems.
  • Follow up with new connections you make promptly, stay in touch, and always follow-through on your promises.
  • Connect the people in your network to each other.
  • Think big:
  • Surround yourself with top-notch people.
  • Don’t let awe stop you. Have the confidence to reach out to the best.
  • Study the network of successful friends and leaders in your niche and follow their lead.
  • Find mentors. Do as they do.
  • Ask for advice from everyone you stand to learn from.
  • Be a giver:
  • Give as much as you can.
  • Ask your connections if there’s anything you can do for them.
  • Ask a lot of questions and listen.
  • Tell people you’re excited to hear their stories. They’ll be glad to share them.
  • Make yourself available to your peers and organizations.
  • Give thanks to everyone for kinds acts of any kind.
  • Use the power of storytelling to give your connections things to remember you by.






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  1. Joan, first,one thing that impresses me a lot, is your style of writing; simple. elegant. very informative.
    To the article, thanks for sharing these insights; glad to know that “content” can, at times, come at the end of the list.

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