How To Plan Your Social Media Posting Schedule To Grow Your Traffic

The 4 Steps You Need To Learn That Will Help You Share To Social Media Better Than Ever 



This is not rocket science.


Rather, it’s a very simple formula you can apply to your existing social media posting schedule starting today….



Enticing social media messages + a game plan for promoting new posts + best daily social sharing frequency + sharing your best content again = A lot more traffic from social media!


“The more compelling social messages you send for your content, the more traffic you’ll get. Yeah, it’s that simple”….says , CoSchedule




Here are the 4 steps you need to start planning your social media posting strategy that will help you to grow your traffic


Step 1: Write Compelling Social Media Messages That Get Clickthroughs

  • Your social media messages are invitations to attend the party happening on your blog.
  • Think of each message as a call to action:
  • Sell your followers on the value they’ll get if they just click through to read your blog post.
  • Make them question a current belief with the promise of a better solution to a problem.
  • Make them feel like they’re missing out on something amazing.
  • Here are a few examples:
  • Write emotional headlines with one version for each of the following: how-to, list and question to diversify your social media posting schedule
  • Ask close-ended questions that inspire curiosity.
  • Write controversial messages that take a stance on behavior,beliefs, or feeling of belonging to make your followers feel they have to click to confirm or disprove their stance.
  • Use humor 
  • Quote an influencer and lead your followers to a call to action to read your post.
  • Appeal to the benefits or value proposition behind the click.
  • Share a helpful, informational, or practical snippet from your post.


Step 2: Follow A Proven Social Media Posting Schedule Template For Every New Blog Post

  • It just makes sense to schedule your social messages at the times when you typically get the most traffic from social media.
  • So as you start developing your posting schedule template, use this Google Analytics custom report to find when your own audience is most active on your social networks.
  • When you first use the report, you’ll see a landing page with a list of your networks.
  • These are sorted according to your highest-trafficked social networks according to page views.
  • Click through to any of your social networks in that list to find the specific time when you get that traffic.



Step 3: Know How Often To Post On Social Media Every Day

  • Suggestions for how often to post on each social media network:
  • Twitter: 15 tweets per day
  • Facebook: 1 post per day, 2 posts per day if your audience is more than 10,000 friends
  • LinkedIn: 4 posts a week, nearly 1 every weekday
  • Google+: 2 posts every weekday
  • Pinterest: 9 Pins every day
  • Instagram: 2 times a day


Step 4: Set Up A New Social Media Posting Schedule For Your Most Successful Older Blog Posts

  • You can get more traffic from your posting schedule by sharing a few more messages every day.
  • Even though you’ve added lots of variety to the messages you write, it’s also helpful to share a wide range of content that will make your networks’ news feeds look diverse
  • Social shares are like upvotes for your content—they help you understand which blog posts your audience finds so helpful, entertaining, or interesting that they want to share them with their own followers.
  • You can use that information to help you decide which blog posts to continue sharing after your initial posting schedule for new content runs out of messages.
  • You can also look at your Google Analytics to see which posts are getting the most page views and sessions.
  • From there, you know which blog posts are naturally bringing in traffic back to your blog, so it just makes sense to share those posts again with a new posting schedule.



Think about the unique value proposition behind your post—the problem you’re solving for your readers through the gift of your content.


Remember, your social media followers are selfish (not in a bad way).  They just care about themselves a lot more than anyone else, and they click through to read content because of an emotional need to improve themselves.



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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61 thoughts on “How To Plan Your Social Media Posting Schedule To Grow Your Traffic

  1. susanmarymalone says:

    There is SUCH value here, Joan! My scheduling, etc., is pretty on track, but I was really tweaked by the first section on compelling social media messages. Am keeping that handy, and going to compare what I do with that. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing the number of post you should post each day. That is really helpful. For Pinterest, I find that 15-20 posts per day is best for me with 30 % your own content and 70% other content. Scheduling Pinterest pins are great because my followers are evening and weekend pinners.

  3. My scheduling amount per platform does not agree with the recommended amount. I clicked the custom google analytics & did not understand it. Compelling social media messages- only the numbers tell us if it was compelling & we were just wondering if sometimes it is the quote inside the meme or the graphic itself.

    • I find that this is just a “guideline” Roz, it depends on what kind of strategy and planning you are doing for your own business sharing 🙂 Could be the quote or the meme or even the graphic as long as you are getting any kind of engagement and shares, its all good! Appreciate your comment and feedback!! I know Google Analytics can be a bit confusing…….

  4. heraldmarty says:

    Excellent Joan! One area I am in need of improving is increasing the number of times I share a post on social media. Admittedly, the fact that I’m active in 3 blogging groups has caused me to rely on their ‘sharing’ instead of my own, and I know that doesn’t equate to the type of quality sharing you’re talking about. I especially like your point about considering each share as a call to action – another area I can improve on. The only point I stumbled over was 9 posts on Pinterest each day. I can see that making sense if my niche was one of those that’s always hot on Pinterest, like food, but personal growth – not so much. Still, I do get traffic from there so I can see making a point of sharing 2 new pins a day and commenting, repining a couple more, as a realistic goal. Thanks for putting this process in such a helpful format!

  5. Another fabulous post, Joan. I consider my self a very low-tech user, which is fine by me. What I loved about your article was there were so many great tidbits for low-tech people like me, such as re-sharing older posts, and a helpful guide on how many posts to share on each media platform. Thank you!

  6. Interesting on posts for each platform… in my experience those are under valued. A life of a tweet is only an hour so I try to post about 20 per day on various topics and life of a FB post is usually only 5 hours… so easily 3-5 posts per day. I post 7.

    You have G+ as posting more than FB, which is interesting. I only post to G+ to keep Google happy… which does happen to be about 2x a day. LI is business related and I only post over there 2x a day… 1 to motivate, 1 to inform and include a weekly published post.

    Not sure where you got your data.. do you mind sharing?

  7. Hi Joan,

    Thanks for these helpful tips. My social media sharing is somewhat erratic I have to confess, but I’m trying to get it under control with Buffer. I know it’s best not to use apps, but to be honest there are times when it just wouldn’t get done without Buffer. That’s the problem of being a part-time blogger!

    Just a thought…. I tend to share a lot of other people’s content on my FB page. Hopefully my own number of posts would be on top of the shared content?

    Thanks again,

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  8. Hey Joan,

    There are a number of sites that allow us to submit our content so their established audience has the opportunity to see it. The competition is strong on these sites, but if our content is exceptional, we’ll likely attract some attention and get some good traffic.

    If our piece of content is a blog post, then we need to put the quote in the post and add a link to the influencer’s website and social media accounts, such as Twitter. Once the article is published, email the influencer and tell them the content is published and ask them to share it on social media and possibly include it in their email newsletter. Knowing the best places to promote our blog on the Web is the key to building our readership, these list are really like as a map for promotional journey. Eventually, thanks for great support with your informative post.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  9. Thanks for these helpful tips. I do use humor and local events. The thing that gets the most engagement though is images of gemstones..and videos. I tend to let Pinterest go by the wayside often.

  10. Excellent advice and strategy session here, Joan.

    I especially like the resource you shared for custom report from Google Analytics.

    The keyword here is “schedule.”

    #1 create a strategy
    #2 make a posting schedule to carry out that strategy
    #3 be consistent

  11. Nice post Joan, worth reading. I think social Medias are a huge beacons of hidden traffic to blogs, but one should be clever enough to make use of this as it also brings loads of traffic as well as trust in Googles eyes. Social media posting is also considered as an important factor in search engine optimization. I think everyone should consider this give a try for this once.
    Thanks for the post, keep writing great stuff

  12. Joyce Hansen says:

    Joan, this is timely, It seems there’s so much to know and remeber, so I really appreciate that you’ve broken it down into concise points for easy follow.

  13. Fantastic post, Joan! I found it very useful.

    I really like Step 2 where you showed how to leverage the power of Google Analytics to determine the best time to share across social media.


  14. Hi Joan ,
    this is good information and important to use social media.
    I like the No.3 how often to post on social media every day.
    This is a lot and really needs something like Buffer.
    Thank you ,this is really helpful.

  15. Overall, you gave a great list of things we can all do to improve and plan our social media posting.

    For me personally, though, Joan, I enjoyed the first step. You got me thinking with those!

    I try to mix things up, keep it interesting, but I think I could do better. I seem to be on target as far as the scheduling part goes.

    Thank you, Joan. Much appreciated!


  16. Great action packed article Joan

    It is so important to have a plan for your social media, and saying that I also note I don’t

    Well you’ve pretty much given me a plan Thanks

    To great success


  17. I’ve neglected Pinterest lately, in favor of Instagram. However I just discovered Tailwind which lets you schedule to Pinterest, including adding your instagram photos.

  18. Hi Joan,

    This is great info for people to follow a plan and schedule.

    I use my own little plan that works well for me, but I never did get into the automation tools that most bloggers use.

    But I use a lot of the different types of posts you list, and yes, they are the good ones.


    • Hi Donna 🙂

      Thank you for your comment:) Some people use those automation tools and they help to stay on schedule, but some do not and that is ok too 🙂 Whatever works for you is best 🙂

  19. Hey, Joan, I’ve studied with some of the top social media experts in the world and they all agree that 2 FB posts a day is not enough. I do 5 (down from 6) and when I made that change, my engagement went up 250%. I do the same for LinkedIn and I publish every day of the week.

  20. Ncn Harry says:

    Hi, Joan, Thanks a lot for your valuable resouces you shared with us. I’ve learnt very important thing from your article. Thanks again.

    • No, Augustus, you can utilize your older posts or share from others and just link back to the original 🙂 Shared content is highly recommended!

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