What Is The Most Powerful Tool in Your Marketing Arsenal?

What do you think is the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal?



mostpowerfultoolinmarketingHere’s a hint……it’s the driving force behind keyword research, copywriting, and beautifully designed ad campaigns.


Are you still not sure?


Neil Patel explains in his post “7 Psychological Insights That Will Help You Develop a Powerful Facebook Strategy for Business” that sales and marketing are really all about understanding consumer psychology


Consumer psychology applies to just about everything in business.  Even social media.


With that in mind, here are Neil’s 7 “Psychological Insights” that you can start using today that will improve your social media marketing…..


1. Kick rational advertising out the window

  • Most people are emotional creatures, not rational
  • One of the most effective things you can do to improve your Facebook strategy is to quit relying on rational thinking as your main driver and start relying on customer’s emotions to take the wheel.
  • One of the most effective methods is to convey emotion through facial expression.
  • Try using ads that have someone’s face on them, whether it’s a real photograph or a drawing.
  • People are already browsing through Facebook, looking at pictures of friends and family.
  • Using headshots or other shots that include facial expression is a natural way to enter into your customer’s newsfeed unobtrusively.


color2. Use color to catch attention and convey your message

  • Something that many marketers are aware of but rarely utilize is the power of color.
  • The human brain evolved to see red colors more vividly.
  • Red in your ads will catch users’ attention much more effectively than any other color.
  • However, the combination of red and blue is even more powerful as blue is more calming and relaxing.
  • Colors are powerful.
  • Color has a way of communicating that doesn’t depend on effective ad copy or even a smiling picture of a model.
  • Choosing the right color can drive up your engagement and improve your Facebook marketing.


3. Slash the price (by just one cent!)

  • Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find something in a supermarket that costs exactly $1 or exactly $5?
  • That’s because the human brain has evolved to discern the difference between prices based on the left-most digit.
  • That’s the power of pricing.
  • Odd styles of pricing are far more effective at luring customers in than flat, round numbers.
  • Give it a try.
  • Run a split test with differing price points, and see which one wins.


4. Use now as a trigger word

  • Your brain is wired to make impulse decisions and wired for one of the two basic responses: fight or flight. (“the instinctive physiological response to a threatening situation, which readies one either to resist forcibly or to run away.”)
  • Using the word now is a great way to capitalize on the brain’s propensity for impulsivity and get your customers to click on your Facebook ad.
  • Humans are wired to want now.
  • Cater to that desire in your ads or social campaigns, and you’re sure to improve your scores, conversions, and engagement.


5. Focus on the images, not the words

  • When you are designing your Facebook or other social media campaigns, you should focus more of your time and energy on the images you are using than the text you include.
  • Social media today is a visually driven world.
  • The more visual content you have and the better it is, the more successful your social media campaigns will be.


scarcity46. Create scarcity

  • So far we’ve established that the brain is wired for impulse decisions and fight or flight.
  • Thus, ads featuring products with (perceived) scarcity instill a sense of urgency, influencing a customer’s desire to purchase.
  • It’s called the scarcity principle, and it will work wonders for your social media strategy!


7. Use odd numbers for opt-ins

  • Why? Because odd numbers are, for whatever reason, more psychologically appealing.
  • Odd numbers improve engagement, increase click-throughs, and attract more eyeballs.
  • If you are running a Facebook ad with a giveaway to increase email opt-ins, use an odd number to help increase conversions.
  • If you are using a number in any place in your Facebook updates, use an odd number.
  • Odd numbers just work.



Using human psychology is one of the most proven and consistent ways to increase your sales and conversions and using the above psychological insights are NOT hard to implement.


That’s the power of consumer psychology. Knowing a few insights can be powerful and can positively impact your marketing efforts!


Like with everything, just go out there, and do it for yourself: test, test, test, simply run an A/B split test, utilizing the power of color, facial expression, and trigger words and see what gets you the results.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

44 Replies to “What Is The Most Powerful Tool in Your Marketing Arsenal?”

  1. Very interesting, Joan. I was especially taken with the first one, about using people’s faces. And that got me to thinking–would we be better to use those as blog images as well? I do a variety, but, hm! What do you think?

  2. Great tips, Joan. I am going to test the slash by $1.00 or $5.00 tip. =) I do believe that we, as small business owners, need to know our readers. Not just what they like in our industry but also what they like in other industries. This helps give the big picture of the audience.

  3. Great tips! I spend an inordinate amount of time searching for or taking the images for my posts or to use on my website! I am getting to where I am planning it better and not just winging it every week…

  4. I love these tips, Joan, and I know they are right because as a consumer I am attracted to all the things you mentioned. I agree colour has power and a great image will make people pause in their scrolling. Interesting about the odd numbers – I wonder why.

  5. It really is a trick, that is for sure. Using the right numbers for pricing and the words to show the sense of urgency… as well as the imagery and colors… but don’t overdo it on the colors… too much makes it hard for our eyes to follow.

  6. Joan – This is interesting. I had never heard the correlation with the word “Now” and impulsivity before. It does make sense, though. The thing that’s really intriguing, though, is the idea that odd #’s are more appealing. I wonder if it has to do with the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, with those numbers conveying beauty to the human mind – certainly not all the numbers in the sequence are odd, but 3 & 5 are the ones seen often in nature (5 fingers per hand, 5 sections to an apple, etc.) and 3 & 5 are the number of recommended things in a grouping when decorating. In any event, perceived beauty could certainly make something more appealing, I would think.

  7. I read Neil Patels Psychological marketing when I first started out leaning about social media marketing. It makes a lot of sense & we follow all 7 principles. We are not in a position yet to use real models to display our jewelry,but we convey how it will look with fashion layouts. For a long time our opt-in was $7 off first purchas. We are doing better using $10% off 1st purchase. So these are great tips & you have to test them out for your market.

  8. These are all great tips Joan, espeically the one about faces. One of the leaders in the persuassion field recommends always including faces of women. It seems to draw more interest and keeps the reader on the page longer.

  9. Great tips as always, Joan! Yes, we humans are emotional and respond to the world that way. I know how powerful colours can be to attract attention, so that is a big key in everything I do. Visuals are also so important, as we seem to be moving more to a visual world, especially in the online space. I also spend an incredible amount of time finding perfect images to use in my posts, and I have been revising many of my evergreen posts to include new and relevant images. Yes, we humans respond to other humans too, so that has become increasingly important. I have noticed that some people use ‘sexy women’ on their twitter profile picture, and those I avoid, as I know they are being used only to draw attention and instead of lending credibility, they actual detract from it for me!

    1. Thanks Beverley 🙂 I do the same thing as well when I see a picture of a “sexy woman” lol It is all about lending credibility and just being “real” not fake!

    2. Sorry, have to jump in here and say how much I agree with the “sexy women” images detracting from credibility! There’s one business I’m actually a part of. However one of their adverts uses this (admittedly attractive) girl wobbling herself seductively and pouting at me. I cringe everytime I see it LOL. Can’t these people see that they stand a chance of irritating almost 50% of their market-place?

  10. Hi Joan,

    It was wonderful reading your post revealing Neil’s strategy.
    As a Marketer the main job is to deliver the features and information about the product to huge mass of people and turning them into customer.
    There are Various strategy that they follow but still they can’t find themselves growing their business.

    The most of business are successful because they are able to connect with their customer. Using emotions, building trust and regular interaction only you are able to convince them to buy your product.
    The pricing strategy about rounding off, using odd no. are really helpful.

    In starting I was thinking- Do they really matter? But after some thinking I found that yes they do!
    These are small but really helpful tools to get more customers and grow a business.
    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips with us.

    With regards,

  11. Great tips Joan! It’s always comes down to the subconscious doesn’t it? I’ve been in sales for a long time and learned that people buy emotionally, not intellectually. Sounds like we aren’t even aware of why we are drawn to some things!

  12. Hi Joan,

    OK, now you’ve done it! I’m forever afraid of marketers like you who purposely mess with my emotions! Seriously though, smart advice and savvy insights about how to frame a successful selling experience. Loved it,

  13. Hi Joan,

    Those are great advertising tips.

    I know my biggest advertising fault is being logical and rational when I should appeal to emotions. Somehow it feels “wrong” to me, but I guess given that I know the services I am offering are ethical and valuable, then promoting them “emotionally” is fine. Sort of, if you can’t beat them join them. Hope that makes sense!

    We’re told to try and attract “People like us” but perhaps I’ve gone too overboard with it LOL.

    I’m going to try your approach from now on 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  14. I struggle with using emotion instead of rationalization. I like facts and specifics but I do realize that isn’t what draws people in. Also, I want to think about using red and blue in more of my photos. I can see how that combination would really draw someone in. Thanks for your tips. Will be tweeting.

    1. Thanks so much Karen! Glad you found tons of value with this post! I struggle with using emotion as well……always learning new and proven ways to help me 🙂

  15. Hi Joan

    I have read Neil’s post on customer emotion and how it affects purchase decisions and you have gone deep into the topic . I liked the idea of facial expressions. Also colors do have a way of reflecting a business emotionally . Thanks for sharing this awesome. Take Care.

  16. Excellent image of the forks and the tomato. Really tells the message right there. Great tips, as usual. I use many of these tactics…although dropping a price by one cent doesn’t qualify (in my world) as “slashing.” 😉 But I get your point.

  17. I’ll be honest, I tripped over #5 “Focus on Images Not the Words”, but as a writer that’s probably understandable. And the truth is, I’d be a little embarrassed if people found out how much time I invest finding just the r-i-g-h-t image to go with my words, so I do get it. 🙂 Seriously, great advice and I couldn’t agree more with the point about the power of emotions. Thanks!

  18. Hey Joan, What a catchy title my friend! I loved all 7 of your tips and YES it is all about testing ! HUH? Test Test Test and Test some more..
    Great share!!
    Chery :))

  19. Hi Joan,
    Such good content I took notes
    the power of consumer psychology
    Neil Patel’s Psychological Insights
    Ads using Facial expression as in convey emotion
    Use RED and blue to get attention
    Change the price 1 cent
    Trigger word NOW as in before a date
    Odd numbers work to create conversions

    Great content! Thank you

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