How To Promote Your Business Using A Blog

Using a Blog to Promote Your Business




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One of the many ways you can ensure your subscribers/fans are listening and staying engaged is to have a blog.





There are four reasons why you must have a blog:


 1. To stand out from the competition

2.  To describe and feature your product(s)

3.  To share your voice

4.  Entertainment









Having a blog offers you a chance to step up to the competition and stand out which is why it is extremely important to have a website that not only shows your product but also shows who you are.






One of the most important things to remember when it comes to blog/website building is that……….





“You absolutely must compliment your product with the appropriate website”





More importantly, it’s the copy (the words you use) on your site that will either make or break your site.






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Your blog is the place you are going to be marketing yourself or product/service.

  • It is a special form of communication that allows those who visit your website to see what’s on your mind and helps generate reader engagement
  • Is the best way to entertain your clients and make them feel as if they’re part of your family.
  • By mentioning your product you are marketing and selling yourself in your blog.
  • This is a brilliant way of ‘namedropping’ without being overly obvious about it.
  • People want to have a personal connection.





What do most people do when they are online other than checking emails, socializing, etc?

  • They look for information.
  • They want to learn, discover and find a solution to their problem.
  • This is where your blog can also help.
  • Not only will your readers come back for more, you’ll also gain more trust and authority in your niche.





People love tips because it’s chunk sized and even if they know one or two of the tips, there are other tips they can take away.






Remember, the purpose of a blog is to add your own taste and personality into it.








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