How To Promote Your Business Using A Blog

How To Utilize A Blog To Promote Your Business








A blog  does more than you think to help sell you or your product.





There are four reasons why you must have a blog:

1.  Stand out from the competition
2.  Describe and feature your product(s)
3.  Share your voice
4.  Entertainment





Having your very own business blog is what will make you stand out from the crowd.





To get your own personal business blog set up for you CLICK  HERE or Click the image below….










The purpose of a blog is to add your own taste and personality into it.






The Power of A Blog

  • Your blog is the place you are going to be marketing yourself or product/service.
  • Blogs can be used for many different things, the most common reasons for blogging include:
  • Personal thoughts
  • Up to date product information
  • Future events
  • Tips and tricks
  • Blogging your thoughts is a great way to let your customer know who you really are and what you stand for.
  • By sharing your feelings and day-to-day life, your customers feel as if they know you as a person and not just a company.



Use Your Blog To Entertain

  • People want to have a personal connection
  • Giving your reader something funny they can identify with keeps them coming back to you.
  • As it will personalize you as a human and not just a company, making you sound authentic and real
  • Just be yourself in your blog and your readers will identify with you.
  • It’s not only one of the best marketing tools available to you, but your blog is the best way to make sure that your clients turn to your product first.




Use Your Blog To Share Valuable Tips & How To’s

  • What do most people do when they are online other than checking emails, socializing, etc?
  • They look for information.
  • They want to learn, discover and find a solution to their problem.
  • This is where your blog can also help.
  • Don’t be afraid of sharing your best tips and tricks on your blog.
  • Not only will your readers come back for more, you’ll also gain more trust and authority in your niche.
  • As a result, you’ll sell more of your product or service.





Remember to update your blog at least 2-3 times a week to keep your readers informed and coming back to you.







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Joan Harrington



0 Replies to “How To Promote Your Business Using A Blog”

  1. Lots of good reasons that you’ve listed here! Blogs become really popular when they provide thought-provoking and interesting information for the reader. Then they come back again and again.

    1. Thanks Kathy! 100% agree with you that your blog will become really popular when you provide thought provoking and interesting information for the reader 🙂 VALUE is so important

  2. Hey Joan,

    Great points, there are lots of other reasons why people should consider blogging, including, growing a list, creating a sense of community, becoming a go to expert and learning to write better.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

  3. Hi Joan, I am so glad I signed up for your newsletter because my new affiliate company is all about blogging for success. I think I am ready for this new frontier and wish thank you once again for inviting me in. Cheers! 😀

    1. Hi Athena! You are so very welcome girlfriend! I always knew you would be ready to take it up a notch 🙂 Awesome, glad to hear!! Hope you are having a great weekend! Thank you for your comment, it is so appreciated 🙂

  4. Oh boy do I ever agree with you Joan.

    I wrote a post a few weeks ago now because people were misrepresenting blogging in general. Like those that tell you to create a blog, throw up some ads, write a few posts and watch the money start rolling in. That’s so sad people are still saying that.

    But what you shared here to me is exactly what we should be doing with our blogs. It’s a great place for our voices to be heard, where we can continue to provide fresh valuable quality content to our audience on a weekly basis and let them have a place to get to know us. That’s how they get interested in who we are and wanting to work with us.

    Great explanation Joan, thanks for sharing this.


    P.S. If you click on the image like you suggested it just takes people to the jpeg. Thought you might want to know.

    1. Wow, thank you so much Adrienne!! Yes, I know what you mean about those that tell you the “wrong” ways to set up and create a blog, totally agree with you!

      I feel that our blogs are our voices, our authentic voices 🙂 To share with the world what we are all about..period and of course share value always.

      Whoops, thanks for pointing that out to me, I have fixed it 🙂

      Have a great evening, Adrienne!

      Take care,

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