Are You Utilizing Google+ In Your Business And Why Is It Important?

How To Utilize and Promote Your Content On Google+…..Why Is It Important For Your Business?









Do you use Google+ for business?





If you answered NO, then you definately need these  Google+ tips and strategies that are available right now  to network marketers from Lynette Young’s interview on Social Media Examiner






 In this post,  You’ll discover how to get your content to show up in Google, and how Google+ users are different than Facebook users.






The business benefits of using Google+

  • When you are in the Google ecosystem, it’s where you live for search, email, videos, etc.

  • Lynette sees Google+ as a platform that touches everything she does on the Internet.

  • Google owns quite a large chunk of the Internet.

  • As marketers, we use a large number of their products in our everyday lives.



What Facebook marketers need to know about Google+ users

  • Google+ is more of an interest-based network, whereas Facebook is the place where people connect with others they already know.

  • Google+ is more like Twitter or Reddit.

  • Not in the form of how you can publish, but how the communities separate themselves and group together.

  • As a marketer, this is what you want.

  • Lynette finds it a lot easier to reach these communities on Google+ than she does on Facebook

  • When it comes to the public finding content, the longer a piece of content exists, the longer it’s in the index of Google, Google+ and some of the other products out there.

  • So as people search for this content and interact with it, it will continue to show up near the top of search or conversations.




How to get your content to show up in search on Google+

  • Make sure you know how Google authorship and Google Publisher work and how your data needs to be structured.

  • As a marketer, you need to understand how the platform works and research how to use Google Analytics, as this enables you to track everything you do.

  • Another way to get traction quickly in the Google+ is to understand what other Google products you use or the ones that you would like to use.

  • Remember that it’s a tool that’s available for whatever you’re marketing or that you’ve already had success with.

  • Google values great content.

  • If you can’t construct your content in a way that Google understands, it will pass you by for somebody else who can.

  • Lynette says that you should start with the basics, which include:

  • Make sure your website is solid.

  • Have a working understanding of

  • When you post great content, people can find it quickly.





Can marketers post the exact same updates on Facebook and Google+ and expect similar results?

  • Once people like your page on Facebook, you have to fight to keep their attention.

  • You need high-impact, quick hits and sensationalized content to grab their attention time and again.

  • It’s very hard within Facebook to have content that is storyline-driven because your followers might not see your entire story.

  • They only need to skip one piece and you totally miss the opportunity to lead them to the call to action at the end of the tunnel.

  • Whereas in Google+, you can totally build a story.

  • It’s much easier to build your narrative when each piece of content you put into the system will stay there forever, until you decide to take it down.

  • You’ll find out the benefits you get when you use Google+ to build and grow a sustainable level of engagement compared to Facebook.

  • You should consider using media types different from those you would use on other platforms, because you can tell a story differently on the Google+ platform.




Other tips when it comes to using content on Google+

  • If you have solid content and a solid message, then you should look at different and unique ways to publish that content.

  • For example, it could be an interactive post, which is loosely compared to a Twitter card or Google hangout and live streams.

  • The use of hashtags in Google+ is a really good discovery mechanism.

  • You don’t even have to add a hashtag to your post.

  • Google actually chooses one for you.

  • When you click on the hashtag, you’ll find a whole new community that is talking about similar concepts.

  • It’s a huge search tool.

  • Another advantage when you publish on Google+ compared to Facebook is that you can edit a post after it’s been published





There are many things that Google+ has to offer that are distinctly different from Facebook.





Marketers definitely need to research what Google+ has to offer because there are so many benefits to the platform.





Key takeaways







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