Are You Ready To Engage and Build Powerful Alliances on Google+?

How To Engage and Build Powerful Alliances on Google+








Have you created a niche for yourself on Google+?




Are you ready to engage with other leaders in your space?




Part of building a strong community of people around you on Google+ is forming alliances with other leaders whose work is similar to but not the same as yours.






In this post by  , ( a Google+ marketing expert, consultant and executive coach)…’ll discover how to develop alliances with community leaders on Google+.






Why Build Alliances on Google+?

  • Google+ isn’t yet as crowded as other social media platforms, and that means it’s easier for you to establish yourself as the authority in your niche.
  • It’s your authority status that makes you valuable to other community leaders you want as allies.
  • As your relationship with a leader deepens into an alliance, your name will stay top of mind when people ask questions that relate to your area of expertise.
  • You’ll be the one they recommend!




Here are 3 ways to build alliances on Google+ by Martin Shervington……..Ready!



#1: Share People’s Posts

  • First you need to recognize the difference between tribe members (your core community of followers) and community leaders.
  • While tribe members participate in the conversations you host, community leaders host their own conversations within Google+ as well as on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms.
  • Just as on other social media platforms, one of the best ways to get on another community leader’s radar is to share their posts on your profile.
  • The difference with sharing on Google+ is that people may not be feeling as much love as they do elsewhere.
  • Share your potential ally’s posts consistently without going overboard and you’ll really stand out from the rest of their tribe.
  • They’ll take notice and see the value in forming an alliance with you.


#2: Narrow Your Prospects 

  • As you share other people’s content, you’ll start to recognize leaders you can have the most natural and reciprocal relationship with.
  • These prospects are likely to be others in your industry whose work complements your niche.
  • After you identify the leaders you want to ally yourself with, you can either let things develop naturally or have a frank conversation to discuss how you can assist each other in community growth.


#3: Make Collaboration Easy

  • There’s a lot to be gained by associating your name with the person you’re seeking as an ally.
  • With one or two simple acts of recognition they can confirm you as an expert or the authority in your field.
  • To help that association along, it’s a good idea to find, create or participate in projects that interest your (potential) allies.
  • Take it upon yourself to gather the writers, designers, programmers or anything else the project needs.
  • The more you collaborate, the more you highlight your ability to work in concert with and for an ally.





A Few Words on What Not to Do

  • Forming an alliance is all about finding ways to support your potential ally so they can see the value you bring to the developing relationship.
  • Not the other way around.
  • Avoid asking potential allies to share your stuff during the relationship development process.
  • Even after you’ve cemented your alliance, don’t go to the well for something that isn’t absolutely pivotal.






As you seek alliances, remember to go with the flow and develop each relationship on your potential ally’s schedule, not yours.





Make it a point to be genuine and transparent about your motives; if people sense you’re not to be trusted in a deal, they’ll most likely stay away and word will spread.




Once you form a few successful alliances you’ll start looking like an attractive ally to others.









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  1. It’s all about relationships!! ALL THE TIME! It’s all about nurturing and fostering relationships. Thank you so much for this insightful article… and since Google + isn’t saturated, now would be the perfect time to really build a presence. Thank you for the tips.

  2. I now have 5 You Tube channels with corresponding G + pages! I need to keep honing those pages and get some people in my circles. The thing about G+? You need a few courses to understand it. But it gets you on the front pages of Google and all the posts in the world on FB or Twitter won’t do that.

  3. Most of the tactics you shared here is almost right in line with those to interact on Twitter. Only Twitter limits you to 140 characters at a time. I really have not gotten involved with Google plus, even ignore invites I’ve received on my gmail account to participate because I am suffering from social network overload! But when I am ready, the tips you shared will help. 🙂

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