Are You Ready to be a Success?

Are You Ready to be a Success?









The question “are you ready to be a success?”..……… is a very serious one.





Although a lot of people say YES, in reality, most peoples actions don’t match up with their thinking.








To truly be ready for success with something when previously you have been unsuccessful – there must first be a change


Not only a change in your thinking – but a change in your actions too.





Push button riches don’t exist – sorry to burst your bubble – but there’s no such thing.





Nothing can replace good old fashioned “hard work”.





What’s more important than working hard?








Working Smart






It’s important that you spend at least 80% of your time on things that will actually make a difference and DIRECTLY put money in your pocket……

This does not include:

  • *Checking your emails
  • *Reading sales letters
  • *Watching sales videos






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This is not a get rich quick system…….





It’s a get rich LEGACY built system! 






self sabotage1



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “Are You Ready to be a Success?”

  1. If you want to be a success, you have to prioritize your time to produce content and products rather than frittering your time away with social media or whatever. That’s what I’ve found to be true, and to use my most productive time in the morning for things that matter.

  2. So true! I think so many people think that success will come as quickly as we can download a song or an app off of iTunes…

    There is no greater sense of fulfillment than working hard to achieve a goal. BUT, we can fall into the trap of mistaking activity for accomplishment. Loved how you touched on how to work smarter, not harder.

    Dr. Lisa

  3. You’re right. Most people complain about where they are and say they want to be successful but their action contradicts what they say. Change really starts from within.

  4. Great points, Joan…I find Facebook to be a big time-sucker for me…I will come on to do a bit of social media marketing (honest!) and can so easily end up spending an hour or two flicking through my news feed, which is rarely productive. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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