How To Reap The Rewards Of Blogging

Blogging is a long-term game




Most importantly, you need to treat your blog like growing tomatoes.  What I mean is this , tomatoes need sunlight, water, and fertilizer, but above all care and attention.


The same is true for your blog.  Good content, web traffic, and an email list are only a start.


To start reaping the benefits of blogging you need to treat your readers with love by sharing generously, and follow these 8 tips to nurturing your blog from Henneke to make sure you reap the rewards of blogging in years to come


1. Get closer to your readers

  • The foundation of good writing is empathy—understanding what your readers are struggling with and how you can help.
  • But how can you get closer?
  • Mind your inbox—when you’re generous and interact with your readers, you’ll find readers give you plenty of ideas for how you can help them.
  • For each post you write, ask yourself:
  • Does the title grab my reader’s attention?
  • Does my opening paragraph make him crave reading my content?
  • Does my content help him?
  • Does my final paragraph inspire him to take action?
  • It’s easy to fall into the trap of sharing knowledge because we know it.
  • Empathy requires discipline.

2. Learn how to slaughter verbosity

  • Could it be that a dash of wordiness is sneaking into your blog posts?
  • It’s easily done. When we write, we use complicated language. We use too many words. Most blog posts can be cut by 30-50%.
  • When editing your posts, cut all flabby content:
  • Decide on the essence of your post—“your big idea”
  • Cut all paragraphs that don’t contribute to communicating your big idea
  • Ensure that each sentence adds meaning
  • Practice your editing skills to make your message crystal-clear.
  • Be disciplined.

3. Boost your headline writing skills

  • Improving your headline writing skills is a quick way to boost your social shares and web traffic.
  • And writing good headlines is simpler than you think:
  • Study headlines on popular blogs and magazines
  • Notice which words grab attention
  • See how each headline promises you a “reward” for reading an article
  • Would you like to polish your headline writing skills?
  • Go for quantity.
  • Write at least two dozen headlines for each post you publish.

4. Create a sign-up incentive

  • Writing blog posts is only part of creating a successful business blog.
  • To turn casual blog readers into loyal fans, friends, and clients, you need to get them on your email list.
  • A series of short tips sent by email is one that is a highly recommended reward for joining a list.
  • Because it allows you to build a relationship over time.
  • This is how to create your own micro ecourse:
  • Think about your readers—how can you help them?
  • Write down a list of at least 30 simple tips around one topic, and pick the best 20
  • Write a short email for each tip—my target is 200 words max
  • Boost the value of your e-course by including a couple of free downloadable guides
  • Create an enticing name for your e-course

5. Boost your guest blogging activity

  • Guest blogging is one way of finding new readers for your blog.
  • This is how to start guest blogging:
  • Look for blogs that are read by your target audience
  • Analyze these blogs to find out which topics are popular
  • Connect with editors via social media or comments to build a connection
  • Pitch an idea to an editor indicating why your guest post will be popular with their audience—e.g., by pointing to a similar post with a high number of social media shares
  • Write your best-ever blog post
  • Interact with a blog’s audience in the comment section
  • Follow up with the editor after your guest post has gone live to gain feedback and discuss ideas for the next post
  • Create a dedicated landing page for readers clicking through from your bio to maximize opt-ins to your email list
  • Think about the contacts you already have—can anyone help you publish a guest post on a blog that’s popular with your audience? Or if you’ve be guest posting already, can you plan a guest blogging blitz so readers will think you’re everywhere? Or can you target a bigger and more popular blog?

6. Turn more loyal readers into clients

  • You’ve nurtured relationships.
  • You’re building your authority.
  • And your web traffic is growing.
  • Is it time to boost your business, too?
  • Review your email footer—how can you remind readers of your service offer?
  • Check your auto-responder series and consider including short case studies that show readers how to do something and demonstrate how you could help them at the same time
  • Set up dedicated web pages that explain your offer—and link to them occasionally from blog posts
  • Develop low priced products to ease readers into a buying relationship—consider a Kindle book, a micro-course, or a starter coaching package.
  • Don’t forget … Selling begins with listening to your readers and starting a conversation.

7. Create a content landing page to boost traffic

  • A content landing page helps readers find your best content, and it can boost your search engine traffic, too. (Highly recommend Vince Reed’s MITS Landing Pages….ask me for more info)
  • A content landing page provides an introduction to one topic and includes links to your best posts about that same topic.
  • How to create a content landing page:
  • Write a short introduction, because this increases your chances of gaining links and traffic.
  • Pick the topic you’re becoming known for.
  • Select your best posts about this topic and consider including one or two guest posts, too.
  • Include an opt-in form to turn web visitors into email subscribers.

8. Create a stronger visual identity to stand out

  • You write with a strong voice.
  • Your posts have become authoritative.
  • But what visual impression do you make?
  • Does your color scheme reflect your personality?
  • Does your design promote readability?
  • Do your pictures help you stand out?
  • Is it time for a professional logo?
  • First impressions count.
  • And the first impression you make, is often visual.


Ready to start planning your blog growth and start reaping the rewards. Take a few minutes now:

Start with looking back briefly. What new things have you tried in 2014? What have you learned? What have you achieved?

Pick a maximum of three items you want to focus on next year.

Block time in your calendar to implement your priority.


Remember that blogging is a long-term game, so treat your readers with love, share generously and you’ll reap the benefits in the years to come.


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Sharing Is Caring!


To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. These are all great reminders. I have been working on #2 because some of my readers have shared that they like my shorter blogs that can be seen in full on one phone screen. It feels funny because so many blogs are longer, but it seems to make my readers happy.

  2. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started blogging. But two years later i realize that you are right, it’s a long term game! These are all really good tips, thanks for sharing!

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