Renaissance, Your Passport to a Lifestyle of Travel

Do you love to travel❓ 🌴🌎Think Renaissance for a rich lifestyle of travel

Here’s a travel membership club where you can fulfill your travel dreams and save over 90% on travel expenses.

So, why choose Renaissance 🌎for ALL of your travel needs❓

First, What Is Renaissance❓

“Renaissance Lifestyle Passport” 🌴🌎is a collection of over 5000 resorts who have been in business since 1986, and services over 77,000 club members who save up to 90% off their vacations.

How is Renaissance different❓

They DO NOT charge resorts to “advertise” to their 77,000 avid-traveling members.

They simply have contracts that require resorts to feature their 7-night stays within the price range of $398-700 for the week.

Renaissance pricing is NOTavailable to the public.

Therefore, resorts are able to charge a fraction of the cost to our club.

If Renaissance doesn’t charge resorts for advertising then how does the club make any money❓💰

Renaissance earns their money through the one-time $5000 USD initiation fee, plus the $99 or so per week that is added. And also, our members pay a token $89 USD annual administration fee to maintain the membership and help support the time it takes to maintain our resort contracts, our servers, websites, staff, legal, and other fees that go with running a large vacation club.

What their members are saying  

Unlike other travel clubs who make vague promises about member benefits, our members like to grab their smartphones and video cameras and actually show you resorts they visit and experience…along with the pricing, they paid compared to the public pricing.

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The Life Changing Opportunity  

Renaissance offers a simple referral program that rewards you for helping them spread the message of their beloved destination club.

Whether you are an existing member simply wanting to share their club for extra money, or you desire a more lucrative possibility, the Renaissance referral program may be for you.

The travel industry is an 8-trillion dollar industry.

Travel is also one of the most exciting, and “shareable” experiences in people’s lives.

For these reasons, it makes an excellent part-time or full-time business option. 

Renaissance is simple:

Refer a new member to take a look at our club pricing and benefits, and when they pay their one-time initiation fee of $5000 through your affiliate website, you are paid $3000 in royalties per membership. 💵💵💵

Affiliates are paid on 15th of each month. 

There is a small $19.95 monthly fee to be an active affiliate which helps them maintain your affiliate website and their administration costs. 

No purchase of the membership is required to become an affiliate. (yes, you read that right❗️) And no stressful qualifications or high-pressure monthly quotas are required.

Are you ready to make all of YOUR travel dreams come true❓

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