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The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Getting People Addicted to Your Blog


Do you know how to hook readers to your blog?



First of all, you need to make sure that your readers know that you UNDERSTAND them.


But how?


One of the key ways you can do this is by making sure that you prove that you’re getting what your readers are going through,  and get them coming back for more by:


  1. Actually understand what they’re going through
  2. Can help them


So, How Do You Prove That You Understand Them?


You use what is known as The Toyota Production System 5 Whys Method.


What exactly is the 5 Whys Method?

  • Its’s a super simple technique that’ll help you get to the heart of why someone would even read your blog post in the first place.
  • All you need to do is start with a problem your readers are struggling with, and ask why five times.
  • Asking why this many times will help you uncover the deep-rooted reason someone wants to solve that problem.



The Key in All This is Really Knowing Who Your Readers Are

  • So, do the research first. Or else you’ll just end up driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what’s going on in the mind of your readers.
  • Once you’ve uncovered why someone cares about what you’re talking about, and you know the problems and pains they’re struggling with, you’re ready to take the next step.
  • You’re going to use that information in the opening of your blog post to help your readers appreciate that you totally get them.

This will draw them in to the post and make it more likely that they’ll keep reading. And the more they read, the greater opportunity you have to get them to like and trust you enough to sign up for your email list – and maybe even buy something from you down the road.


All you are doing is painting a picture for the readers of what life is like right now with a hidden promise that, within the blog post, you are going to help them overcome their problem.


It’s Really a Simple Two-Step Process

Step 1: Uncover why someone would care about reading your post.

Step 2: Talk about that in the introduction so you can draw people in.



It’s all about knowing what’s going on in the minds of your readers and helping them see that you get them, and can help them.



Once you master that, it’ll be a lot harder for people to peel their eyes off of your blog.



Right now, go try out the 5 Whys Method and write the intro to your next blog post using what you uncover.



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