Revealed: The Truth About Blogging for Business

What You Need To Know About Blogging For Business









Your objective of blogging may be to generate leads, to increase web traffic, or to raise your profile as an authority.





But if you use your blog just to spread your sales messages, you may struggle to find readers.





Your blog may remain a lonely voice whispering quietly while no one pays attention, unless you start following these 7 tips from Henneke to win fans and boost your business






These 7 tips will help you write more engaging content so you can start a conversation with your readers and boost your authority so they will trust your advice







Tempt people to join your email list by following this 7 tips from Henneke:





1.  Start a conversation

  • Your blog is a conversation starter
  • Address readers with the word “YOU”
  • Ask your readers questions
  • Write more conversational content and you will get more comments and more inquires



2.  Write Enticing Headlines

  • Arouse curiosity and be specific
  • Address a specific problem
  • Attract attention with power words
  • Promise a specific benefit
  • Good headlines bring clicks, shares, readers and business



3.  Write Seductive Opening Paragraphs

  • Because you need to pull readers into your content
  • Empathize with your readers
  • Empathy gives readers the feeling your post is written to solve their problems



4.  Inspire With Your Final Paragraph

  • Inspire people to follow your advice.
  • That is how you become an authority
  • Overcome an objection by using memorable sound bites
  • Inspire readers to take action, and you will become influential



5.  Use Authority Enhancers

  • Because they will boost your credibility
  • Use a famous brand as a case study
  • Back your arguments with specific examples
  • Use stats to add substance
  • Use quotes or references to show you know your field



6.  Stop Selling….Be Helpful

  • Think about your readers
  • What problems are your readers struggling with?
  • How can you help?
  • Help generate leads
  • Help avoid mistakes
  • Become an outstanding problem solver…..and you will win business



7.  Entice Readers To Join Your Email List

  • Because that is how you build relationships and earn an opportunity to sell
  • Use sign up forms
  • Make your call to action very clear
  • Have a desirable opt-in bonus







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  1. Thanks, again, Joan for pulling things together the way you do. While my personal favorite is number 6, without at least 1, 2, 3 and 4 we may just as well be whistling in the wind. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. prp

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