The “Secret” Method That Will Double Or Triple Your Sales Page Conversion Rates

What Is The “Secret” Method That Will Double Or Triple Your Sales Page Conversion Rates










If you’re creating revenue by driving clicks to sales or landing pages, and your conversion rates are lousy……..this “secret” method works extremely well…..



Today I am going to share with you a way to double or triple your conversion rates over a short period of time by Bnonn, the author of a free course on 5 website changes you can make today to bring in more sales.







Here’s the “secret”method…..








Stop driving clicks to a landing page that asks for a sale, and start driving them to a landing page that asks for an opt-in.




Instead, use an email autoresponder sequence to drive clicks to the original sales page.




There are lots of reasons this works, but here are 3 unshakable, industry-independent principles that prove this system will double or perhaps even triple sales for your business….




1. Trust isn’t built in a day

  • So few businesses take the time to build a serious bond of trust between themselves and prospects.
  • The kind of trust that turns most visitors into buyers—and buyers into long-term customers—isn’t something you can spin out of thin air.
  • The probability of someone trusting you enough to buy something the first time they “meet” you online is very, very low.
  • But if you continue to talk to prospects with short, entertaining emails that help them understand and solve their problems, they naturally start to trust you more and more—until they’re ready to buy whatever you’re offering (and often much more).



2. People make small commitments before big ones

  • It’s much easier to get a small commitment than a big one.
  • And it’s much easier to get a big commitment after a series of small commitments, because people start to feel comfortable with you.
  • This is why, depending on your industry, product, price-point, page design, copy and so on, between 97% and 99.9% of visitors won’t buy on the first visit to your site or sales page—but anything between 10% and 70% will sign up to receive free information that helps them understand or solve their problems.
  • By asking for an opt-in on the first contact, rather than a sale, you have a decent chance of starting a process that will ultimately end in a sale.



3. People talk themselves into buying over time

Buying is a process:

  • Discover the item and check it out briefly
  • Come back to the item and check it out in more detail
  • Go away and think about how the item would be good to have
  • Google competing offerings to make sure you’re getting a good deal
  • Go back and check the item out again
  • Spend more time thinking and googling
  • Check the item out again
  • Buy the item on the spur of the moment

If you’d only had a single opportunity to check the item out, weigh up the options, and make your decision, you would probably have talked yourself out of the purchase, rather than into it.






What Happens When You Combine All Three Of These Principles?

  • With a straight sales page, you have something like a 1-3% chance to make a sale.
  • With an autoresponder sequence, if you’re sending good traffic to your opt-in page and the page itself is fairly decent, you have something like a 30% or 40% chance—maybe even better—to capture a lead who otherwise would have decided not to buy.
  • You now have the opportunity to spend literally months building trust with that person, who has for their own part validated you in their mind by signing up for what you’re offering.
  • You have plenty of time to not only talk your prospect into a purchase, but to let them talk themselves into it.




Are you using one yet?



If not, why not?




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Hey Joan,
    Awesome Value, so true what you pointed out that most won’t buy on the first visit especially when they don’t know who you are. People buy from people that they like and trust.
    Awesome post Joan

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