25 Replies to “The Secret To Writing Persuasive Sales Emails”

  1. Be yourself – excellent advice that makes the whole process of creating emails way less intimidating. The PAS formula sounds like a great way to get your message across without sounding too ‘salesy’. Thanks for the great tips, Joan.

  2. Right on the money! I spent way too many months trying to learn how to use email marketing the “right way”. One day I finally threw all that out the window and decided to just be authentically me.

  3. I love this, Joan! Five steps that make it simple to write a quality sales email. I love having blueprints to help me to do things I have never been trained to do. It makes it so much easier to do things well. Thanks so much.

  4. Adding a summary at the end is very important, Joan. Many times the copy ends at the “buy” button without one. Readers need to be reminded of all the great things they’re getting from your offer. Thanks for including this a key point.

  5. Hi Joan

    I love your thoughts on writing Persuasive emails. I do remember that it was all about selling and not solving a problem .

    Your steps are spot on. Thanks so much for sharing your insight. Take Care

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