How To Seduce Your Blog Readers To “Buy”

How to Seduce Your Blog Readers










Seducing your blog readers to buy





Blogging is hard work.





And sometimes you wonder if you are missing an important trick and if all this blogging will start paying off…..







Start with sneaking into your reader’s head with these tips for seducing your blog readers to buy from Henneke









How to make your blog post irresistible

  • Your headline arouses your reader’s curiosity because it mentions a benefit he’s looking for or a mistake he’s anxious to avoid.
  • Your introductory paragraph makes him feel you’ve written your post especially for him because you empathize with his struggles.
  • Your blog post delivers the promise you’ve given in your headline and opening paragraph.
  • You always want to deliver on your promises, don’t you?
  • Your subheads entice him to keep reading because you arouse his curiosity or promise a benefit.
  • Your final paragraph inspires your reader because it takes away a key obstacle to implementing your advice.
  • Your last sentence keeps humming around in your reader’s mind–just like a soundbite.




How to start a conversation on your blog

  • Follow these 6 tips to make your readers feel comfortable, get them to comment on your posts, and email you to inquire about your services:
  • Engage your reader with questions in your blog post.
  • The most enchanting questions include the word you.
  • Get at the same wavelength, using the phrases he understands, and the type of humor he appreciates.
  • Don’t ramble on.
  • Don’t waste your reader’s time, because that’s a big turn off.
  • Stamp out wordiness to show you appreciate your reader’s time.
  • Compose ultra-short sentences to make your voice more enthusiastic.
  • Allow readers to get to know you by sharing itty-bitty stories about yourself.
  • Add a dash of personality by making bland sentences sparkle.





Writing seductive content isn’t enough to seduce your readers.





Format your blog posts for easy reading

  • Use one-sentence paragraphs to make reading your post seem effortless.
  • Avoid boring your readers with incessant chattering.
  • Break up blocks of text that run over 6 lines.
  • Introduce pauses in your conversation.
  • Increase white space by using bullet points where you sum up 3 or more points.
  • Don’t make them squint.
  • Make your font size at least 16px–the font you’re reading is 18px.
  • Keep their gaze.
  • A line length exceeding 75 characters makes it hard for readers to focus.
  • Add a dash of personality with a unique image.





Stay in touch with your blog readers by following these tips

  • Entice blog readers to join your email list, because that’s the best way to develop your relationship.
  • Give readers a good reason to sign up.
  • Tell them how you’ll make their life better when they join your list.
  • Make it easy to join your list by having forms at the right locations–your home page, your about page, in your side bar, and below each post.
  • Handpick posts for your popular posts section in your side bar.
  • Select posts that convert readers into email subscribers.
  • Welcome new readers with an autoresponder series–allow them to get to know you when they’re most enthusiastic about learning more.
  • Don’t be too anxious about sending promotional emails.
  • Your readers want to know about special offers.
  • When you genuinely help them week in week out, you earn your opportunity to sell.
  • Always encourage feedback.






Building a relationship requires a fine balance. 






When you sneak too many sales messages into your posts, you erode trust.






When opt-in popups block the view of your content, you upset loyal readers.






Boosting your business starts with a genuine commitment to help your readers. 






To make their life better.







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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