How to Sell More in 5 Steps – Your Marketing Guide

The Essential Guide to Marketing: 5 Steps To Selling More







You have a product or a service to sell, that’s worth buying…..And you know who’d benefit from buying it….then there is no reason that you could not sell more of it, right?




Don’t skip any of these 5 steps to selling more, by Firepole Marketing’s Peter Sandeen, if you want your business to succeed.




The 5 links/5 steps in the chain of marketing




1. What’s Your Problem?

  • The first link/first step in the chain of marketing is interest.
  • Without interest you will never sell anything.
  • You can also easily interest lots of people and still sell nothing.
  • How?
  • By interesting the wrong people.
  • You need to interest the “right” people and that’s  easy when you understand these three points:
  • Concentrate on problems.
  • You attract the right people when you talk about the most important problems you can solve.
  • Use your prospects’ language (what they can relate to easily)
  • Your goal is to create interest and you do that when you use their language.
  • In other words, describe the problems like your potential customers would.
  • Create fascination to keep people interested.
  • Your potential customers have the attention span of a gold fish (that’s about 9 seconds).
  • If you fail to fascinate them in that time, most of them will move on.



2. Are You Huggable?

  • Next, give your listeners a hug.
  • Would you buy something you don’t feel good about?
  • No, and neither will your potential customers.
  • Give your listeners a mental hug that tells them they’re in the right place, that your product is good for them, and that they can trust you.
  • This 2nd link/step is all about creating a connection – a connection between your product and the life your listeners want.
  • Understanding and mastering this link is the most important advertising skill.
  • Here are the 4 most effective ways to give out a mental hug:
  • 1. Talk about the problems your product solves. 
  • 2. Showcase your product’s benefits.
  • 3. Show how to become a “better” person.
  • 4. Engage with important values and tie them to your products. 

Remember to be consistent with your “main hug”; be clear whether you’re a problem solver (the first two types of hugs) or a trusted friend (the second two types of hugs).



3. Kick your Customers’ Butts

  • It’s time to make an offer.
  • The offer is this: You ask your listeners to do something (not necessarily to buy).
  • What you can ask for with the offer, is proportional to how much trust you’ve earned and how engaged your listeners are.
  • The point is to continue engaging your listeners and get them to engage you back.
  • Conditioning people to engage you will eventually lead to buying your products.
  • Buying from you has to be easy and the call to action has to be clear.
  • This step is about three steps that will lead to buying:
  1. Make an offer that’s appropriate for the level of trust you’ve created.
  2. Build more trust and engagement.
  3. Repeat steps 1. and 2. until you sell something (for money).



4. Make Them Stop You

  • This step just might be the best way to increase your revenue.
  • Do you know what are the most common reasons for not getting return customer and upselling more?
  • You don’t have anything more to sell.
  • You don’t tell your customers what more they can get from you.
  • The moment when a customer has just said, “yes” to buying something, is the best moment for upselling.
  • Don’t waste the opportunity.
  • Your offers always have to meet the trust you’ve created.
  • If you try to exceed the trust, you lose the sales.



5. Start the Party!

  • If you really know how to use this one marketing method, you’ll never, ever run out of new customers.
  • The magic word is  “referrals.”
  • You can ask people to share your message even before they’ve bought anything from you.
  • Get over asking for a referral or a testimonial
  • There are two steps in getting referrals:
  1.  Ask for them.
  2. Reward for them

Here’s how to get referrals:

  • Straightforward asking
  • Encouraged referrals
  • Affiliate programs




Do you know why most blog posts don’t really make a difference in your business?



Because you don’t act on them.



Take action with these 5 chains/steps of marketing success




1.  Find out what your prospects want most.


2.  Figure out ways to create trust.


3.  Create a list of offers you can make


4.  Get more things to sell.


5.  Think how you would get more referrals.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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  1. Hey Joan,

    I like the steps you have here to market and sell your offer. I think the most important step is #2.. Creating trust goes a long way, especially when you show how the product will personally benefit them, and not in general. Once they get the feel that you are concerned with solving their problems, the rest of the process will come a lot easier.

  2. Good post Joan. If you create genuine real value for people on the front end you start to build trust. If you set out to help people and not to pitch them on your products or services you will ultimately find what you are looking for. Have a great day.

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