How To Sell Ice To An Eskimo

The Secret On How You Can Sell Ice To An Eskimo








Is it a let down or something that you actually have to work for your dreams?

Yep… Sure is…

For most…


Here is the secret on how Vincent Ortega Jr  “flipped the script” on this and sold 50-60,000 orders in sales over the last year…(which equaled over 7-figures and 75% of that went to his partners and affiliates…)





Here is the secret…


You don’t talk about the work involved when you are introducing someone to your product…


You talk about what your customer is going to achieve after they purchase your product or service and run with it.



It’s about their vision.


It’s about their end result.


It’s not about how much work it’s going to take them to create X amount of income.


What you do is…



You get people to plant themselves in the place they want to go, while you make your product the gateway to that result.


If you do this correctly…






You’ll sell ice to an Eskimo.


(Hint: but you better have a Damn good product if you want it to pay you for life.)


And here is another internal secret you need to embody right now yourself, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.





None of us want to work…





Lets get real…



But the reason I work so hard, other leaders work so hard and future leaders work so hard…


Is because their vision is so strong, they are willing to do whatever it takes to get that end result.



Strong vision = Easier To Work Hard.


Trick your brain, into planting yourself, into the future lifestyle you want now… …and all the work leading up to it will be a piece of cake.


It’s all about the vision…


And most importantly…



One more huge secret…


It’s all about the vision for the people you are leading, it’s not about you, you have to put yourself second


Don’t want to put yourself second?


Then go work for someone else’s dreams and you’ll be placed second whether you want to be or not.


And most likely you won’t be second, but you will just be a spec in that companies eyes.


Majority of people want the “easy way out” in life, and that’s why they are broke.






There is such thing, as an “easier way for sure,” but if you are ever going to create an amazing lifestyle, you better be prepared to actually use your brain.



Stop chasing shiny objects and find a place that will give you the truth.



No one is going to respect you, and you surely aren’t going to build a legacy, if people think you found an easy way out.



So stop looking for one, and start looking deep within, find your talents, and make freakin magic happen.






Lifestyle is a choice.





You change it and make it what you want.


Being a successful entrepreneur is the most rewarding experience you will ever have on this planet.


It’s worth it.


Do what it takes.


Find your vision.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. The only thing buyers want is value. If you aren’t giving exceptional value, potential buyers find out fast enough. You don’t have to have the lowest price, what you do have to have is exceptional value, customer service, and something others want or have a need for.

  2. Great post!

    Is this humor marketing? Hehe, it´s not only about a Product, if a marketer has a great Service to provide that can be a success with the right marketing strategy.

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