How To Sell The RIGHT Business Opportunity

Do You Know If You Are Selling The “Right” Business Opportunity?









Let me first ask you this…..






Are you selling the WRONG business opportunity?






What’s the first thought that just popped into your mind?





For most of you, I bet it’s either your company or your product….isn’t that why you decided to join the business you’re in… because of how unique this company is and how different this particular opportunity is?





That’s what most people sell and….






It’s EXACTLY Why Most Are Struggling To Sponsor A Large Number Of People






The REAL reason behind why you do what you do… and it’s the same reason why others will join you… which is actually the same reason EVERYONE buys anything… it’s to make themselves feel BETTER about themselves.

  • Every buying decision (and recruiting someone is a sales process… they need to BUY INTO what you do)… is an emotional one.

  • It is that emotional feeling that will get them to move are their own selfish reasons.






Here are the 7 motivators we ALL have:

1. Money
2. Security
3. Recognition
4. Achievement
5. Love of Family
6. Acceptance of Others
7. Self-Acceptance


Must-Have Motivator:   HOPE

  • When you purchase a product, you “hope” that it’ll solve your problem (whatever it is… big or small).
  • When you see a promise being made… if it’s strong enough you start looking for reasons to believe it’ll happen.





Hope is a very powerful emotion, one of the core emotions that runs our life and dictates our behavior.





You sell HOPE.

  • You sell the promise of a bigger, brighter, more fulfilling future… one filled with the things THEY want in their lives.







Hope is what you really sell, and the better you can get at it, the more people you’ll sponsor and the more money you’ll make.






If all you talk to them about is money… you may temporarily appeal to their GREED, but it won’t last unless you can grab them emotionally with their REAL reason(s)…….when they can see themselves getting what THEY want as a result of associating with you… that’s when you got them.





Which is why it’s important to ask questions, and pay close attention to what they tell you.

  • (for example…..What’s Important To You and How Does That Make Them Feel?)





If you’re not sponsoring as many people as you’d like, yet you feel like you’re doing everything else right… it just might be that you’re selling the WRONG thing.





Just a little change in your approach to focus on THEM… THEIR GOALS, DREAMS and MOTIVATIONS…will be the KEY to joining you, which is what network marketing is all about…..joining people, not companies….






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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0 Replies to “How To Sell The RIGHT Business Opportunity”

  1. Hey, Joan: Interesting post. Thank You. Andrew Carnegie taught Napoleon Hill of the nine motines that move the human spirit as being: LOVE, SEX, FINANCIAL GAIN, SELF-PRESERVATION, FREEDOM of BODY and MIND, SELF-EXPRESSION, LIFE AFTER DEATH, ANGER and FEAR – suggesting the last two as being negative, though powerful, stimulants to action. All others, he postulates, are some combination of the above. Although one cannot motivate the un-motivated, it is good to care enough to want to identify your TEAM’s motivators. Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU. prp

  2. Yes, Joan: You are correct and HOPE is what this world needs more of and for a lot of us in the beginning it is all about the Amazing product that brought us to the Dance! I wanted to share my appreciate because you have in only a few word explain something that escapes the attention of a lot of People. the more we Know about who Your Ideal Client is the easier it is to find and communicate with them to find up their Hopes and Dreams so we can Help them better.
    Mikee Likes IT!

    1. Most definately Michael! Yes HOPE is a big motivator for so many and by knowing who our ideal client is it is much easier to figure out what they are looking for and help them much better with their hopes and dreams! Thanks so much for your comment…glad you enjoyed Michael 🙂

  3. Inspiring post – as usual Joan – loved your Golden Nugget – when they can see themselves getting what THEY want as a result of associating with you… that’s when you got them. – That is it right on! We always have to remember this – big hugs 🙂

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