Here Are The Sexy Hidden Secrets To Persuasion

The Sexy Hidden Secrets of Persuasion








How can you harness the hidden secrets of persuasion in your writing to make your offer more compelling?



Just follow these 3 easy steps, from , Sherice Jacob, of Kissmetrics,  to help you get more persuasion in your copy and make your writing a whole lot sexier.




Sexy Secret #1.  Digital Flirting: Establish a Bond with Your Customers

  • The first step to writing more persuasively is to find something you can both agree on.
  • Remember, the customer might be hesitant to buy your product for any number of reasons.
  • To the marketer, that only means that you haven’t given them enough reasons to buy yet.
  • Start with a statement that they can easily agree with or appreciate.
  • Then slide in a compliment, a question or a light-hearted challenge.
  • People are naturally hard-wired to be curious



Sexy Secret #2.  Getting to Know You – With Supporting Details

  • Some buyers need more convincing than others – and many of them have unanswered questions that your current content doesn’t address.
  • Think of some ways that you can give your readers all the information they need to make a confident decision:
  • Social Proof (Testimonials, Referrals, and Endorsements)
  • Comparisons
  • And one of the best reasons: WHY
  • Show them why your product or service is worth spending money on, and how it will help them in some way.
  • Everything you do in this second step should lead right back to strengthening that bond you made originally.



Sexy Secret #3.  Motivating by Agitating

  • After you’ve weaved in a good number of your best benefits, it’s time to get the customer to take the next step.
  • This is where your call-to-action makes a huge difference.
  • Make that call to action big, bold and important.
  • Tell them not only what to do – but what will happen when they’ve clicked.
  • It’s time to remind them what they could lose if they don’t act.
  • The idea is that you remind them of the issue you started with in your statement – and lead them to understand how your offer will make that issue a thing of the past.
  • If anything is guaranteed to spike people’s actions, it’s knowing that you might miss out on a great deal.




At its core, persuasive writing is designed to get you to take action without feeling like you’re being sold.



It goes from a whirlwind romance of product benefits that perfectly meet your needs – to a long-lasting customer relationship that continues to reward you with loyalty, sales and referrals.





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