How To Sharpen Your Story Telling Skills

Sharpen Your Story Telling Skills








Whichever methods we put in play with our marketing, we’re powerless unless we’re able to get a prospect to pay attention. 





“As long as we’re online, on earth, and in a media-centric society, there will always be a shiny object scattering, shattering, and battering our focus”…..says Barry Feldman





A click is nothing more than a click until you, the messenger, truly click with your customer.




Your goal is to be remembered and to say or do something memorable by sparking an emotional response.




The way to move someone is to tell a good story.

  • Stories glue us together.
  • Stories distract us from our distractions.
  • The proven formula for breaking through and taming the wandering mind of the consumer is to engage them with a story.
  • When we get wrapped up in the world of the story’s characters, we actually feel what the characters feel.
  • Stories influence human behavior.
  • Stories wield power.
  • They move our emotions, influence our behavior, shape our values, and affect our actions.
  • We’re hooked in an amazingly profound way.




Everyone has a story.






Keep in mind that it’s your story – tell it how you like.




Attach your brand to a story






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  1. Although I am not a marketing professional, I used to work as support staff for salespeople. The best salespeople could connect with their customers by finding out what the customer needed/desired and fulfilling both their spoken and unspoken needs. I can easily see that being done by story telling.

  2. Great post about story telling – and it is much for fun to hear the same thing in the form of a great story 🙂 I am practicing how to do that in a more succinct way. lol

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