The Simple Tip That Will Boost Reader Engagement

Here’s A Simple Copywriting Tip That Will Help You Boost Your Reader Engagement









Do you want to know a simple, little tip that will increase your reader engagement, make your content and copy easier to read, and call attention to the points that your audience must understand?




It’s our friend the bullet point.




Here are 5 tips for better bullet points from Sonia Simone, CMO and co-founder of Copyblogger Media


  • 1.  Good bullet points call attention to something that benefits the reader.

  • 2.  Good bullet points are symmetrical.

  • If you can, keep them to roughly the same number of lines on the screen.
  • 3.  Good bullet points are uncluttered.

  • This isn’t an outline for your high school English class — avoid subsections, sub-bullets, etc.
  • 4.  Good bullets points are parallel.

  • Begin each bullet with the same part of speech — if one starts with a noun, don’t make the next one a verb.
  • 5.  Good bullets points (like headlines)….. aren’t always complete sentences … but do keep them consistent with one another.



Then there are a special kind of bullet point called….Fascinations.

  • They are so compelling and so benefit-driven that the reader simply can’t help but discover the answer.
  • It’s a great technique for:
  • Drawing people back into the copy they skimmed
  • Prompting the download of a free report
  • Causing someone to click a link
  • Driving subscriptions to your blog or email newsletter
  • Triggering that all important “Add to Cart” click


The key to a fascination is dangling the benefit in a teasing manner, without actually giving away what it is.



The best way to find wonderful fascinations is to look at your product or service and figure out what benefits (ideally, unusual or unique ones) that you deliver to your customers.

  • Keep them highly relevant. 
  • Focus on the benefits that are most compelling for your individual audience.
  • Put a little time and effort into making your bullet points fascinating (or at least crystal clear and beneficial), and you’ll see your response increase.




Traditional copywriting techniques can do great things for your content — both sales-oriented material like landing pages, and your daily blog and email content.



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  1. Hey, Joan. Great article. I love using bullet points. It adds interest (the fascination factor), plus I like that it helps to break up the page which gives it a lot of white space. I even suits my personality because I’m a “straight to the point” kind of gal. Thanks for sharing!

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