Six Tips to Build an Engaged Audience

How To Build An Engaged Audience From Scratch











Building An Engaged Audience From Scratch





One of the most rewarding aspects of blogging is having an engaged audience.




The challenge is building that audience from scratch.




“There’s no right or wrong strategy to implement to obtain this goal, but there are some definite steps to consider along your journey”…..says author/blogger Jk Allen




It’s important to note that “engagement” will look different depending on your platform and goals.




Here are Jk Allen’s 6 tips to building an engaging audience





1. Pick the Right Niche

  • When deciding on the right niche, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Can I write about this subject matter every day?
  • Do I have enough interest to keep focused in this area?
  • Do I have personal experiences within the niche that I’m willing to share with strangers?
  • Assessing this key area means the difference between being able to provide meaningful content that offers value to your would-be audience and being stuck while trying to create your first bit of content.



2. Define Your Audience

  • This is a crucial point because it will dictate the type of interaction you have with your audience.
  • Having a targeted audience within your scope doesn’t mean that you’ll be restricted to a single group; it means that you always have that group in mind and direct your content to their level and interests.
  • If others decide to join ship, that’s just icing on the cake.



3. Have a Humble Approach

  • Remember…..Every teacher was once a student, and the best teachers remain students
  • Writing with the assumption that everyone should know what you know, or believe what you believe is a recipe for destruction.
  • Everyone experiences setbacks and challenges and if you can show that you’re just as human as they are, they are more likely to find some attachment to what you have to share.
  • Being humble allows you to be relatable.



4. Keep Focused

  • Bouncing from niche to niche and not having a narrow content focus creates brand confusion.
  • When building an engaged audience, it’s important to have focus and a clear direction.



5. Write from Personal Experience

  • Writing from personal experience creates emotion and interest.
  • Being able to create content from the direction of personal experience helps establish credibility, no matter the level of experience.
  • Incorporating this into your content makes for a personable experience for your audience, creating a landscape for higher engagement and interest.



6. Request Interaction

  • If you want engagement, ask for engagement!
  • If content is layered with personal stories of experience, interaction will happen automatically.
  • But asking the audience to participate helps widen the range of value because in the discussion will bring about different experiences and introduce new perspectives.






An audience wants to engage; they want to interact, but we have to give them a reason to do so.


We have to establish credibility and trust and relate with them on an emotional level.


We have to be willing to share our personal stories; showing our depth of creativity and ability to provide value.







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