How To Be A Smart Marketer

Are you a smart marketer?








You have to be smart marketer to make your marketing easy to believe.




You’ll be surprised by how many more people will gladly buy from you when your marketing is more believable than your competitors’.





Are you one of the many marketers that believe you need to mislead and manipulate?

  • Even many marketing teachers and coaches believe that marketing needs to be misleading and manipulating
  • Where you draw the line is your decision.
  • I would rather err on the side of being too specific and realistic about what people can expect when they buy my coaching or training products.
  • But as long as you don’t omit something important, being less specific isn’t necessarily misleading.
  • All moral and ethical considerations aside, marketing is a lot easier and more profitable when you’re honest.
  • And that should motivate even the most morally challenged marketers.




In general, it’s easier to make people believe a truth than a lie……And when people believe what you say, they’re much more likely to buy from you.




But being honest isn’t enough; people don’t necessarily believe your claims even if they’re true.




Especially if you promise something many dishonest marketers promise as well, people will struggle to believe you’re different.







Here are a 3 ways to make your honest claims appear honest by guest blogger, Peter Sandeen, Firepole Marketing



1. Use Testimonials that Address the Skepticism Specifically

  • Most testimonials focus on hyping up the product or the results it creates.
  • To alleviate skepticism, your testimonials need to specifically address what people are worried about.
  • A testimonial from a customer who first doubted your claims, but then got the results thanks to your product, will alleviate skepticism more than the usual testimonial.
  • Try to use testimonials that specifically address the skepticism your prospects are likely to have.


2. Explain How You Can Enable Such Great Results

  • It’s not enough to glance over why your product/service can create great results.
  • You need to give people such a clear understanding of how the results will happen that they can really believe they’ll get those results.
  • This is actually a common mistake not-so-experienced marketing people make; they claim to have a great system to building a profitable business but don’t really explain it in detail.
  • Sure, some people will just have faith.
  • But most people need to feel like they’ve understood how you can create great results.
  • You have to learn to explain what you do and how you do it, otherwise you’ll struggle to convince people you can help them.


3. Give Results Without a Big Commitment

  • Give people a taste of the benefits your products/services create before asking for a big commitment.
  • Information business (sells web design training): create free content that teaches some of the basics of web design, so people can see how well you understand and teach the topic.
  • So, consider how you could give people a taste of what your products/services really help them get.
  • And then give it to them without asking for a great commitment.




You can be honest and people can believe you, but that’s not enough to make you sales.




People only buy if they see persuasive reasons to buy.




So, what persuades people?




When you see a great reason to do something, you’re persuaded to take action.




That’s what your marketing should do: show people great reasons to do what you want them to do (that is, pay attention to you and buy from you).




Your marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, you don’t need all the different marketing tactics and tools, and you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by all the options you’re faced with.




When you know the most persuasive reasons for people to pay attention to you and buy from you (that’s your “value proposition”), all you need to do with your marketing is get those ideas across.

  • So, figure out what it is you need people to believe to persuade them.
  • If you want to follow Peter’s simple exercise that will walk you through the process, download it here.
  • And remember, when you know what you need people to believe, make sure you give them enough reason to believe it.




People are skeptical, so don’t expect them to accept your claims without questions, unless you make the claims easy to believe.





Is your marketing honest and persuasive?









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0 Replies to “How To Be A Smart Marketer”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I know from my own experiences, when someone isn’t truthful it impacts my desire to deal with that person/company. I appreciate all the ideas you have shared.

  2. Very interesting stuff. I agree with you that honesty is the most important thing. I’d rather give someone all the facts so that they can make a real decision, rather than have them find out later. It’s so hard to sort out honest people from dishonest people these days, and knowing when a product actually works vs. when it’s being dishonestly hyped feels almost impossible sometimes!

  3. I have found it so much easier to be honest a lot is because I also believe in KARMA
    I have found that nothing is gained by being dishonest thank you for your infornmation

  4. Thanks for these great tips, Joan.
    I have been ‘taken in’ on numerous occasions by those marketers who virtually bully their way into your world. I am very wary now when someone approaches me with their business first before I get to know them. You need to establish a relationship with people. Get to know them. This takes time, so you have to be patient.Then they will come to trust the fact that you are trustworthy. Then they will approach you more so than the other way around.
    Have a great week Joan.

    1. Absolutely Liz! Building relationships is key 🙂 So many DO NOT get that lol I know what you mean about so many people trying to bully their way into our world 😉 Thank you for your awesome comment!!

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