How Are Your Social Media Efforts?

What Drives You In Social Media, Purpose or Fear?










When it comes to life, relationships, business, even our goals and dreams, we have two choices: we can live with intention and purpose……





Or we can be motivated by fear.





We also have the same choice with Social Media….we can jump in with purpose and passion, or we can let our fear make us hesitate and miss out!









Which one DRIVES YOU?









“If fear is holding us back from growing our businesses, chances are it’s affecting other areas of our lives as well”……says Sue Brage






We all have to “START” somewhere






We are surrounded by amazing examples of people making it happen with incredible creativity and seeming perfection.

  • Somehow we’ve lost our sense of adventure, our unrelenting passion.
  • We’ve let our fear of doing it wrong keep us from doing anything at all.
  • If we return to our original purpose, our passion for what we do, then we’ll find the courage to make it happen.
  • We will be more concerned about connecting and helping others than how perfectly polished our brand is.






What If No One Notices?

  • Maybe you, are afraid no one will read your blog or buy your products or services.
  • Maybe your past experience haunts you because you have written posts no one read and shared updates that no one responded to. 
  • That doesn’t mean your message isn’t needed.
  • Make up your mind today that your fear of rejection won’t keep you from putting yourself out there.






You need to work to find people you truly connect with, knowing you do have something to offer them.





Be bold!






Your confidence will be the very thing that draws people to you.






“Success is a series of small risks.”

  • When it comes to building authentic relationships online, people are more forgiving than we give them credit for.
  • As they get to know you, and understand that you are there to add value to their lives, they’ll want to be a part of what you are doing.
  • If people see you as authentic and caring, they won’t be repelled by imperfection.
  • In fact, they will probably become more loyal and supportive as they see you struggle and grow in order to do what you believe in.
  • When others see our willingness to step out, to fail, and even to make fools of ourselves, we will find ourselves at a place where we can truly influence others.
  • “Success is a series of small risks.”
  • Every time we share our story, we are taking a risk.
  • We are risking rejection, ridicule, even failure.
  • Failure won’t kill us……it will only make us stronger.






Take Purposeful Action






 If we want to be taken seriously – and play with the “big kids” – we’re going to have to put down our blankies, be bold, fearless and take purposeful action.









The following social media for small business challenges from  Sue Brage will help you move past fear, focus on your purpose and help renew your confidence and passion.




  • Challenge #1:  Write a paragraph about your purpose. Incorporate this into the “About” page on your blog and your social media profiles to remind yourself and others why you do what you do!
  • Challenge #2:  Find pictures that represent your passion or create a Pinterest board and fill it with these pics. Display these where you will see them every day.
  • Challenge #3:   Reach out to someone you respect on social media. (HINT: if it scares you to death, you have the right person!) Ask to interview them for your blog or to have a virtual coffee date to ask a couple of questions. Be sure to thank them profusely and share some social love then they respond.
  • Challenge #4:  Read about one of the social media pioneers mentioned in this article or another leader whose story inspires you. Write a blog post or social media update about what you learned from their example.
  • Challenge #5:  Attend a conference, seminar, or webinar on a topic that intimidates you. For instance: Google Analytics, affiliate marketing, or even Facebook or Pinterest.







Don’t let the fear of imperfection, rejection, or failure keep you from striving for success.







Focus on your why, your bigger purpose.







This will give you the courage you need to leave fear behind and become the leader you are meant to be.







Be inspired by those who have gone before you, rise to the challenge, and become an inspiration to others!








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Sharing Is Caring!




To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. When I started to be active in social media it was something that I did it for fun, driven by the community’s trend to be connected with your friends, to discoveer new people, web sites and places. When I started my blog two years ago, I’ve learned how important key role are playing all those social media chanels in helping my blog to be more visible and increase traffic. I really like your 5 challenges, I think I might go for no.3. As you said: you have to be bold.

  2. I like that phrase “social media is a series of small risks” I think everything worthwhile that we do in life is the same 🙂

  3. I, too, thought social media was a passing fad until I started my own blog and realized its potential for bringing traffic to my site. It’s also important to be bold and use that social media to market your site. After all, if you build it, they will not come. If you market well and have something of value to offer, then they will come.

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