Something For You To Think About……

Think About This….












Here Is Something For You To Think About…..





I read a really interesting article the other day from “Early To Rise.”




About the importance of investing your time in areas that are in alignment with your goals and your purpose.




Time truly is our biggest asset.




You can always make more money…..But you can’t get more time back.




Or as one of my old mentors said…



“Every day you have one less day to live.”




On one hand that may sound pessimistic, but on other it makes you realize that time is your biggest asset.



And what you do with it determines the quality of your life.



So many people waste time without giving it any thought.



Days, weeks, months, and years go by and next thing you know you’re asking yourself…



“Where did the time go?”



What really got me thinking is the fact that when you commit to doing something, you’re simultaneously saying NO to something else.



So this is not just about wasting time.



It’s also about putting too much time in some areas of your life, while completely avoiding others.






Working around the clock, and never making time for your family.

  • I’ve been guilty of that at times.
  • I think all entrepreneurs struggle with this one from time to time.
  • Which is why identifying your goals and purpose in life will serve as a gauge for whether you should be doing something or not.




Remember, when you dedicate your time to something, you’re giving up something else.






The question is whether it’s worth it?








Now I know for a period of time, especially in the beginning when you’re just starting your business……your life will be completely out of balance.



Especially if you still have a job, trying to build this thing part-time and juggling all this with all your other obligations.


But that should only give you more energy to get this thing going faster.



This is why you’re in this business, isn’t it?



To make more money without spending more time.



Most people get it all wrong.



They think it’s just about the money.



It’s not.



At least not for me……It’s about the quality of life, it’s what the money can do for you.



I know people who make a lot of money by most people’s standards.






They’re working all the time.

  • They’re on call, traveling, and they can’t miss a beat.
  • What kind of quality of life is that, if you never even have time to enjoy the money?






So…think about this…..







Look at what you’re spending your time on and ask yourself if it’s moving you towards what you want… OR… pulling you in another direction?




I’d get a sheet of paper out and start jotting down all the reasons WHY you’re in this business and what you want to get out of it for your and your family.





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To Your Continued Success,
Joan Harrington



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