How To Speak To That “One” Person That Is Your Target Market

Who is that “ONE” person, who is your target market that you exist to serve with your product or service.








You really don’t want to be lots of things to lots of people.





You want to be something inspirational to the RIGHT person — the ONE person, who is your target market.





“If you inspire that ONE person and enough numbers of that ONE person, then you will dominate that niche”…..says Peter Vogopoulos , a business and marketing coach, and proud co-founder of Firepole Marketing.






So, then how do you speak to the ONE person that is your target audience.






How would you like to know EXACTLY what to say in your marketing messaging?

  • To know EXACTLY what sort of blog post to write to generate lots of comments?

  • To know EXACTLY what brand identity you need to have in order to inspire a large group of people and get them to become raving fans?





If you’ve ever wondered what it would take to do this, then chances are you don’t have a critical piece of foundational marketing that you absolutely NEED to have.





Would you like to know what that is?





“The problem is, says Peter, is that we also tend to think ‘target market’ when we’re determining our niche, which implies a group of people”.





Stop thinking ‘target market’ and start thinking “customer profiles”, which implies ONE person — the ONE person you exist to serve with your product or service.





You need to speak to the ONE person that is your target audience.

  • Speaking to the ONE person means you’ll never describe your audience as being: “women, 27-39, single, educated, income of over $40,000 and who like eating chocolate” ever again.
  • From now on, it’s “Jane. 30 years old. Bachelor’s degree in the Arts. Works in an account management job she doesn’t like and is currently scoping out a new career. Thinking about getting a Masters degree. Single, having recently dumped a loser boyfriend. Has lots of friends she hangs with watching ‘Sex in the City’ and eating expensive ice cream. She drives a Honda, works out three times a week and goes to the spa about once a month.”
  • Doesn’t Jane suddenly seem like a real person?
  • Isn’t it a lot easier to know what to say to her?





The ONE person is never going to be the only one buying from you.





It’s simply the only ONE you should be speaking to at all times.







You have to be a business that inspires that ONE person.

  • Your message and consistency will inspire a whole bunch of others who either (a) feel affinity with that ONE person, (b) aspire to be that ONE person, or (c) admire what that ONE person represents — and then these people will ALSO become your clients.

  • You will attract loads more people inspired by your precise and clear brand.





Now it’s time to define YOUR one person!





Think about your ONE person.





The one who you were thinking of when you started your business.





The one for whom you developed your product or service.





Over at Firepole Marketing they have a customer profile template that you can use to get crystal clear on every detail about your one person.













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