How To Spot a Genuine Online Marketer

Do you know how to spot a genuine online marketer?











If you have been online marketing for a good length of time, then I am sure you have noticed that there are a lot of online marketers that just go for the traditional sleazy campaigns just to succeed.





They have no other way to execute their game plan but to abuse the system and take advantage of new marketers who are trying to thrive.




I am sure you know a few, yes?






Why do you market your products or services?


  • Because you believe that your products or services can make a difference in the lives of other people.
  • If that is NOT what you believe, then you should NOT be network marketing……agreed?
  • That should be the reason for every sales email, landing page, and webinar out there.
  • An exchange of money has to take place for a sale to complete, but the value should be given and conveyed first.







“There’s a difference between going for a sale to deliver value, and going for a sale for the sake of sales”…….says Joy Collado, guest blogger for Firepole Marketing.






 Here are 6 signs to help you spot a genuine online marketer





Sign #1: Gives More Value Than Money Received

  • Pricing is a crucial part in business.
  • But the truth is, no matter where and how  you price your product, as long as you deliver a value that far exceeds the amount of money you receive, you are a genuine online marketer.



Sign #2: Over-Delivers on Value

  • It is important that you always over-deliver on the value that you provide in exchange for that purchase


Sign #3: Authenticity & Honesty

  • You can also spot if a marketer is being authentic by going through his or her sales pages.
  • Ask questions like:
  • Do they offer actionable and reasonable no-hype expectations?
  • Is the offer realistic enough for you?
  • Does he or she take time to explain what can you expect, knowing that you’re different from other clients?



Sign #4: Doesn’t Use False Scarcity as a Selling Tactic

  • Sure, you can strategically use scarcity.
  • But be careful not to offer the same product again, if you’ve already mentioned before that you won’t.
  • Be true to your words and always keep your promises, especially to your customers.
  • Genuine marketers give incentive to fast movers but they don’t push the sale.



Sign #5: Always Gives Value

  • When they’re done correctly, webinars are great tools for connecting with your audience and growing your list.
  • The trick is to offer a lot of value during the presentation, so that even if you don’t buy the product, you still feel as though it was a valuable use of your time.




Sign #6: Extends Genuine Offers to Help

  • A genuine marketer will extend an offer to help, even if there’s no monetary value involved.
  • An act of kindness you offer to your peers may not directly impact your business, but it can impact the whole industry.
  • Ask questions on how you can help.
  • And then truly help them.
  • Answer questions for free.
  • Refer people.
  • Review products you love even if there are no affiliate links involve.
  • By being a genuine marketer, everything else will fall into place.




Connect. Engage. Inspire.

  • These are what a genuine marketer aspires to convey with their audience.
  • And that is not an impossible goal, as long as you’re genuine.
  • The fake ones will always have a problem achieving these, and they’re usually the ones who will fade in the background.
  • As long as you’ve been giving, genuine and helpful, you will attract better clients and as a result, more sales.






Putting your clients’ needs first, before counting the sales, is what matters.







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington




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0 Replies to “How To Spot a Genuine Online Marketer”

  1. Thanks Joan,

    I was starting to think I was the only one online that cared weather the product being offered was good for the user or if it was just opportunity to sell some other product or service to make your opportunity work. I believe like you do unless you believe what you offer will benefit everyone you are marketing it to, you are just some sleazy salesman selling snake oil. Thanks for taking a Stand. Quality product with proven benefits is the way to go for for my follow Wellness Warriors

    You Rock Joan,
    Michael Chief Blogger at Michael’s Health Answers dot ca

    1. You are welcome Michael! There are still a FEW of us out here lol Just wanted to point that out to people and I am happy you enjoyed the post! Thanks so much!

      You rock as well!!

      Take care,

  2. Joan: I just love how genuine YOU are and how you crystalize thought into small, easily digestable, simple suggestions. Your number 4 really hit on a ‘pet peeve’ of mine that I see used over and over again. I always think of the Doritos commercial, if you find value “we’ll make more”. Regarding #5 I always strive to make my audience feel as if it is a valuable use of THEIR time. Good Will will always trump an individual sale – in my experience. Thank You again for all the value you continuously pour out into the Universe. prp

  3. Joan, I especially love number 4 – I see so much scarcity marketing out there, and what our world really needs is an injection of abundance – we can never be effective operating from a place of lack and scarcity.

  4. Hey Joan, those are all excellent points you mentioned. The false scarity is used too often… Good to keep in mind when you head for long term success, not just short term.

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