How To Stand Out Online And Win Business

Stand Out Online And Win Business




To win business online, you need to use your most precious asset–your personality



“Because your personality helps you stand out online,  and win business”…..says Henneke



“If you want to increase perceived value for you and your work, you need to focus on who you are, rather than what you do.” ~ Sally Hogshead



Thousands of bloggers share tips about copywriting and business blogging.



By simply just sharing tips it makes you easily interchangeable with any other blogger.



your voice


The only way to stand out is to have a unique voice.







So, how do you use your personality’s unique advantages?

  • Ask yourself these 2 questions:
  • How would you describe your personality in a few words?
  • How does your personality add value?





Here are 5 ways to translate your personality into your online presence by Henneke…..

You need to build trust by letting your personality shine through your online presence…..consistently.



1. Web design

  • What does your web design tell about you?
  • What impression does your web design make?
  • How does it reflect your personality?
  • If you’re struggling with this, sign up to Pamela Wilson’s marketing tool kit which explains the basics of design (and it’s free).



2. Images

  • You can use Canva to create your own images.
  • Or you can find unique sources for stock images that don’t look like the same stock photography everyone uses.
  • Demian Farnworth creates a strong impression with stock photography on his blog the Copybot.
  • Check out his advice in The Misfit’s Guide to Finding Interesting Images.


3. Social media profiles

  • What’s your mission?
  • What does your bio tell us about you?



4. Your voice

  • As a small business owner, you don’t have to appeal to the masses.
  • You can charm potential clients with your voice.
  • You can find the clients who love working with you because they like who you are, not just what you do.
  • To develop your own voice:
  • Consider your word choice. Are you using strong or flowery language? Do your words express you’re streetwise or erudite?
  • Think about rhythm. Super-short sentences add a spark of enthusiasm, while long sentence are more formal




5. Your personal stories

  • As soon as you abandon the idea that you’re simply sharing tips and building authority, you’ll find opportunities to share personal mini-stories in your posts.
  • That’s how readers get to know and like you.
  • That’s how you build trust.
  • And that’s how you win clients.
  • For further guidance, check out Henneke’s blog post about How to Tell Itty-Bitty Stories to Engage and Entertain Your Readers.







In a world of incessant twittering, where a like has become meaningless, we’re all looking for the human touch, for real voices.




In this world of pixels, we’re all looking for personal connections.




Don’t try to please everyone.




Don’t hide yourself.




Be human.












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