Step By Step To Better Email Engagement

5 Steps To Better Email Engagement










Here Is How To Have Better Email Engagement








Increasing your reader engagement means more open rates, reads, click-throughs and shares – all of which help drive sales with engaging content.






How can you make your content stand out to cut through the noise?




The following step-by-step instructions, from The Connection,PRWeb, will help improve your email content.




Step 1 – Experiment to Create a Schedule

  • Experiment with sending out emails on different days and times, isolating one variable at a time to determine when readers engage most with your content.
  • Once you’ve established these days and times, stick to them.
  • Your business will build credibility and trust as your audience benefits from your content.



Step 2 – Have a Compelling Topic

  • Relevance is everything.
  • Make sure the content works well with your audience’s needs, and touches their personal lives.
  • Tying a timely trend or theme into your email can help drive engagement.



Step 3 – Add Visuals

  • People’s inboxes are inundated with messages, so your email needs to go beyond words.
  • Pictures communicate a message instantaneously and require little effort from the reader.
  • Consider adding compelling creative that readers will like, making the content easier to understand.



Step 4 – Incorporate Smart Calls to Action

  • Make the email actionable.
  • Make the headline tight.
  • Give customers clear ways to act, if so compelled.
  • Provide a next level of engagement, including events, more content, or incentive to purchase.
  • Offering even a small discount may prompt prospects to click through to your product or service offerings.
  • Actions also include giving people the option to unsubscribe.



Step 5 – Measure Relentlessly

  • Email analytics tell you how your contacts respond to your overtures.
  • Consider A/B testing emails to see how different types of marketing work.
  • Did people open the email, click your links, share your content or commit and buy?
  • Or did they file spam complaints or unsubscribe from your lists?
  • To continually improve, keep split-testing subject lines, visuals and other variables to see what content generates the most engagement.






Now it’s your turn……All you have to do now is follow these five steps and watch your clicks, opens – and sales – start climbing






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