How to Stop Your Blog From Leaking Traffic

Stop Your Blog From Leaking Traffic










Your blog is leaking visitors.





They visit, look around for a few seconds – and leave as suddenly as they came.





The average web site visitor will give you only 10 seconds (or less) to make a great impression before they click away.





“If you don’t make a dramatic impression… *poof!* They’re gone forever”…….says Gary Korisko







“The painful truth, says Gary, is that if you can’t wow new visitors in the first few seconds, everything else means nothing”.

  • Your epic content.
  • Your voice.
  • Your podcast.
  • Your webinars.
  • Your guest posts.





It.   Just.   Doesn’t.   Matter.…..




…unless you can get them to stay past those first 10 crucial seconds.








Reasons from Gary Korisko, on Why Your Monetization Efforts *Must* Begin Above the Fold

  • Your blog’s above the fold area serves the important function of answering all of your new visitor’s important questions in mere seconds.
  • And the most important questions you need to answer in the first 10 seconds all have to do with what Gary calls…..the 3 C’s.
  • Clarity
  • Credibility
  • Commitment
  • These are the three things that will make those first 10 seconds productive, get your new visitors to stay on your blog, and subscribe to your email list.



C #1: Clarity

  • Try to look at your blog through a new visitor’s eyes.
  • Will they immediately be able to tell what your blog is about and how it’s unique?
  • If your above the fold area tries to jam too much into a small space, your visitors will become over-stimulated like a four year old who downed too many chocolate-covered Mickeys at Disney World.
  • If there are too many things to see, read, and assimilate – you’ll just confuse them.
  • Keep it clean.



C #2: Credibility

  • This is one of those areas where you need to suck it up, bite the bullet, or do some other clichéd thing that means, “step up and spend the money.”
  • Your visitors want to know:  “Who runs this place and why should I listen to anything they have to say?”
  • Does your domain name (URL) make you look professional or amateurish?
  • Are you using a professional, premium theme?
  • Do you have testimonials visible above the fold?
  • When we observe other people approving of something, that thing becomes more acceptable to us.
  • That’s called social proof – and testimonials are a fantastic way to show people that you are someone to be listened to.
  • People like to follow people who other people follow.




C #3: Commitment

  • After we’ve clearly presented our message and communicated our credibility, we need to use whatever is left of our 10 seconds to get a commitment from our new visitor.
  • Do you have an attractive optin form in a prominent position above the fold?
  • Make sure you have a nice, obvious opt-in form above the fold.
  • Do you make other requests for commitment above the fold?
  • Enticing links in your menu or in your home featured area can also be effective in getting a new visitor to click through to something that interests them – and hopefully subscribe during that first visit.
  • Pages and links like resources, free stuff, or start here (just to name a few) all increase your ability to engage a new visitor, keep them on the page, and eventually turn them into a subscriber.






Above the Fold is part of your overall messaging and branding. 






The thing about messaging and branding is that it’s highly personal.






In other words, what works for your friends and associates may not work for you.






If you want to monetize your blog, it all starts in those first 10 seconds above the fold.








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