What To Do If You are A Struggling Blogger

Are You A Struggling Blogger?










Are you doing everything popular bloggers tell you to do, but it just is not working for you,  and so you feel like, “What’s the point?”





Obviously, you’re doing something wrong, but you have no idea what it is.





To understand what you are doing wrong, here is the honest truth from Jon Morrow




Nobody knows who you are.





“Popular bloggers find out about who you are, and THEN they read your content, and THEN they link to you. Connections come first. Great content comes second.”……..says Chris Garrett, (co-author of the Problogger book)







Everyday, popular bloggers wake up with tens of thousands of readers hungry for something insightful, fresh, and amazing, and they have to keep them supplied.






Privately, it is called “Feeding the content beast.”…..says Jon





What’s the one thing you can offer popular bloggers that they’ll always be interested in?



Guest posts.

  • They don’t just want them.
  • They need them.
  • And if you can become a reliable provider, most will want to get to know you and do everything they can to help you, including introduce you to other powerful people.






Listen up…..If you’ve been struggling, it isn’t because you’re a bad blogger.





It’s because you’re trying to do it all by yourself.





Getting your blog going isn’t about learning yet another traffic strategy.





It’s about surrounding yourself with powerful people who can support you, and the best way to do that is guest blogging.




Maybe you’re stuck in the whole “learned helplessness” phase, and you can’t believe it’ll work for you.









If you can at least give guest blogging a try I will personally help you and give you some ideas.





Free of charge.





Fair enough?







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington






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0 Replies to “What To Do If You are A Struggling Blogger”

  1. Neat Post!
    I’m really new to blogging regularly, and up til now had never thought about doing it for more than my own friends and family to see, so seeing posts like this really get me thinking and learning. Thanks for being willing to share all the tips!

  2. This is interesting, because I have been part of a yearly blogging challenge called the WordCount Blogathon, which takes place one month each year (usually May, but last year, it was June.) Part of this month log challenge is a challenge to have a guest blogger for one post during the month – it is not required (nothing is required), but I have swapped posts each of the three years I’ve participated. Has there been an uptick in my traffic? No. Although I am not interested in “feeding the beast” (I have a full time job and am also a long distance caregiver for a man with autism and my elderly mother in law, who has recently concluded a bout with cancer) it would, truth to tell, feed my ego to have more blog followers. And, this year, there is no mention so far of a WordCount blogathon. So I would be interested in seeing where the guest post thing would get me.

  3. Great tip Joan and I would only add to approach guest blogging with a professional mindset – because not every blogger “needs” or even wants guest writers. The truth is a lot of us have had bad experiences and no longer accept guest posts – I’m one of them. Do I guest blog – yep. But I do my homework to see how I can contribute to what they’re already doing, approach the blogger respectfully and provide both samples of my work and a synopsis of the article I would like to contribute. Then when the article is published I show up, thank the blogger, respond to comments and share with my network.

  4. Good morning! I saw your post in the Facebook UBC group and had to read this post. Yes, I have been a struggling blogger for years now, but I think most of it has been my own doing- or more accurately, my LACK of doing, as in not blogging consistently. I can relate to some of what Alana said, as well, that it would be an encouragement to get more regular readers and comments, and followers, on my blogs. I know networking in the blog comment groups and blog challenges as definitely helped!

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