Are You Struggling With Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

How Is Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?










Sadly, many businesses and business owners aren’t too savvy when it comes to social media.

  • They jump right into promoting their product or service without first identifying who their target audience is, and how to connect with that audience.




Social media success requires that you be “social” first.






Why do Businesses Struggle with Social Media?

  • They lack social media marketing skills for one.
  • When small businesses and entrepreneurs first look to social media marketing, they discover exactly how social media is a great place to uncover new business and generate sales.
  • So they set up a Facebook and Twitter account, and post a couple of “hey, we have X for sale – come and get it” messages.
  • The average business owner is engaging a social media marketing strategy because they were told that they ought to do it.
  • You’ve probably heard several of these yourself: “social media is a great way to find more customers, get more fans, connect with more people!”
  • Those are good reasons to utilize social media.
  • But, if you want to bring in brand-new clients, then you’ll want to have a better understanding of what you – and your social media team – are doing.





To have social media marketing success, you first need to transform your approach to social media.……here are 4 steps that will help you do just that from Eric Bryant , (who teaches people how to harness the power of the internet and social medial to become successful in online and network marketing through the use of blogging and video marketing as well)……









Step #1: Do Your Homework-Change How You Approach Social Media

  • You need to realize that at first, social media marketing should not be used simply to earn money.
  • Everybody likes to buy, but no one wants to feel like a business is interested in them solely for their money.
  • People get on social media for social reasons: for enjoyment, entertainment, connections.
  • They aren’t on social media to spend their dollars.
  • The first step, then, is to capitalize on that social environment.

To do Proper Research your first step is to do the proper market research involving your specific niche.

  • Start by looking at your competition, especially their Facebook fan pages.  
  • If you already have a page, there is a “Pages to Watch” feature in your page admin settings that features other fan pages relevant to yours so you know where to start.
  • All of the social media platforms have search features for you to look at trends and insights. 
  • Take a look at what is happening with your fan page and adjust accordingly.

Online Surveys (Survey Monkey)

  • You might also want to consider doing online surveys.
  • Using a free survey service like Survey Monkey will provide you with a way to create effective surveys.
  • However, make sure your surveys are worded in a way that generates the info that you need.




Step #2: Connect with Your Audience on a Personal Level-Focus on Your Target Audience

  • Using a variety of tools, you’ve done your homework and gathered the information that you need.
  • Now it’s time to use that information to connect and engage with your audience.
  • Your customers are very savvy – they know how to discover your business (or your competitor) online.
  • The question that they want answered is “Why should I do business with you?”
  • They also need to understand even more about your company on a somewhat personal level.
  • This is why focusing on your target audience – and only your target audience – is so important.
  • Many businesses have made the fatal mistake of trying to promote a wide variety of products or services to a wide variety of customers, instead of just focusing on their core product or service and their core customer.
  • Once you have your core product and service, and you’ve identified your target market, you need to establish yourself in that market.
  • Once you’ve done that, then and only then do you branch out.
  • Be innovative, determined, and focused.

Tips to Create an Effective Fan Page

  • Make your page interactive by allowing people to post freely on your page. Also update the page with relative content such as blogs posts and webinar links as well as thoughts from other leaders in your niche.

Share and Tweet Interesting Things about Your Company

  • Social media advertising should be used to build connections with people. Use Twitter to share interesting and amusing things.
  • Upload photos directly in your tweets and share images directly with others in their news feed.

Bring Them Inside Your Workplace and Culture

  • Remember that your customers are both savvy and smart – they want to know about the person behind the business. 



Step #3: Ways to Effectively Build Rapport-Provide Customer Service

  • Now that you’ve done your research, and established a bit of a personal connection, it’s time to nurture and grow those relationships .
  • One of the best ways to build rapport is through customer service. 
  • Regardless of which social media platform you are using, when providing customer service using social media, remember to be A.C.U.T.E……
  • A is for Answer quickly and promptly. If you have a customer that posts an issue on your fan page, be sure to message them quickly and privately if possible.
  • C is for Concern. It’s important that you show genuine concern for your customers. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!
  • U is for Update. Be sure to keep your customers and fans updated with any changes that they need to be aware of.
  • T is for Transparent. When dealing with customers, it’s very important that you are transparent in all of your interactions. Remember, what’s posted on the internet is available forever.
  • E is for Empathy. When you have a customer that is upset, sometimes the best course of action is to show empathy and let them vent before addressing their concern.

Develop Relationships

  • Take a moment to find out a bit about the people that you’re dealing with.
  • Pay attention to the things that they post.
  • Using the phrase “Tell me” is a great way to open up dialog with your customers. “Tell me how your day is so far?”
  • Sometimes if someone is having a not-so -great day, they will thank you for taking the time to hear them out.

Build a Large Following of Fans

  • Keep in mind that a social media marketing strategy is more about forging relationships than promoting your product or service.
  • Your objective with social media is to build a big group of faithful and devoted fans who will certainly take a major interest in exactly what your business does.
  • You can’t have social media success without being “social.”




Step #4: From Fans to Paying Customers-Where the Rubber Meets the Road

  • Here is where all of your research and all of your fan engagement and building relationships pays off.
  • It’s great to do things, and do them well, but if you don’t turn your raving fans into paying customers, then it’s all for nothing.
  • So how exactly do you turn them into paying customers? 

Offer Coupons Exclusively For Your Fans

  • When you give your fans something that is free and exclusive to them it sends a message that they can’t get it anywhere else.
  • This makes your potential customers feel as if they are a part of a special club that only certain members can get into.
  • When you create a free coupon or a special offer exclusively for your fans, it not only gives them a sense of urgency, but also peaks their interest enough for them to choose to browse your products.
  • Just do a simple Google search on “Facebook Coupons” to get some ideas.

Statements Tell, Stories Sell

  • If there is one thing that everyone loves it’s a good story.
  • So what better way to sell your product or service than to tell a story that includes it?
  • If you start telling a story and it incorporates all of the wonderful features that your product or service has, then you’ll naturally compel people to pull out their plastic, especially if those stories are from actual customers that are happy with your offering.
  • Remember the rule:

If You Say it, They Doubt It. If They Say It, It’s True

  • Just because you say that your product or service is great doesn’t mean that your potential fans are going to agree with you.
  • But, if they already see great feedback as well as testimonials from your current customers on your fan page, then guess what?
  • They’ve done all of the selling for you!
  • Use your customers for leverage – they can be your greatest ally in selling more of your product.
  • Have your happy and satisfied customers put their testimonials on your fan page to be seen by everyone.




Social Media Works by Being Social




Taking the right approach to social media is very important, and it has its rewards. 




With proper research that lays the groundwork for connecting with your customers on a personal level, building relationships, and turning those relationships into customers, you can definitely make social media marketing work for you.




It’s simply a matter of avoiding common social media marketing mistakes and devoting yourself to being social first, before you look to turn your fans into customers.






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Joan Harrington

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  1. Awesome advice Joan! My favorite was the ACUTE acronym…very easy to remember…it’s so important to engage your audience and show an interest in them. People can smell a pitch from a mile away. If you treat them right they will eventually buy from you over and over again.

  2. Joan,
    Wow! What a lot of helpful information! I really like the ACUTE acronym, too. Great way to remember how to improve social media prowess. I have so much fun with social media, but it’s great to pick up a few tips to make it work better!

  3. Something I find for me is that if I try to spread myself across all the channels, it’s not sustainable. So, although I do post links to my content on them all, I pick one to develop the relationships on, because that allows me to focus. For me that’s FB at the mo, for others different channels work, but not spreading yourself too thin is a point worht making,
    cheers, Gordon

  4. “Social Media require you be SOCIAL first” . Brilliant. Should be tattooed on the head of so many internet marketers who seem to want to receive thousands of dollars without actually interacting with people. Keep teaching your gospel of value. I love how you state the “obviously neglected”. prp

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