Successful Blogging

Successful Blogging 101


Once you begin blogging, you will see how fun and entertaining it can be and you also will learn how potentially profitable blogging can be.






The growing popularity of blogging means that there are an ever increasing number of bloggers competing for the same pool or readers, but if you make the effort to create high-quality content that your readers can use in their everyday lives, you can quickly build your blog’s popularity and your potential commercial base.


It can take some time to build up a pool of loyal, regular subscribers and occasional readers, but if you consistently provide high-quality content, maintain a predictable publishing schedule, and are pro-active about marketing your blog, you can expect to rapidly increase your readership.


One of the greatest pleasures of blogging is interacting with people from all over the world who share your enthusiasm for your subject matter.


Reading and commenting on other people’s blogs can keep you engaged in the online community and also help provide you with a steady stream of new material that you can use for inspiration.


When people leave comments on your blog posts, try to always respond so that you can help build interpersonal relationships with your readers. Not only can this lead to rewarding friendships, but it also increases the chances that they will be open to any commercial purposes you may have with your blog.


A lot of casual bloggers end up running their blogs like a business because it’s fun, easy, and you get to work with topics that you already enjoy.


Once you realize how easy it is to make money from producing your blog, you probably are going to want to maximize the amount of revenue you can earn for your efforts.


Even if you devote only a few hours per week to your blog and work on it in your spare time, it’s possible to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month from your blog.


The more regular readers you have, the most respected you are in your niche community, and the more well-known your blog becomes, the more potential revenue there is.


As a blog business owner, your job is to keep your content fresh, interesting, and high-value so that people will keep looking forward to your postings and your popularity will improve.


The best way to build your following is to continually provide high-value content that people can use. This will keep people coming back again and again and will also cause them to recommend your blog to other people.


The look of your blog will impact how many new visitors subscribe to your blog.  You probably don’t want to change your theme too often otherwise you run the risk of disorienting your regular readers.


While it’s important to have a regular supply of loyal readers, it’s also important to continually be attracting new visitors to your blogs.



How You Can Monetizing Your Blog

Once you get your blog up and running, start interacting with other bloggers and your readers, you are going to see that blogging can be an enjoyable way to do something you love while making money at the same time.


While most bloggers start out writing their blogs simply because they are passionate about their subject matter and want to share their enthusiasm with others, once they discover how easy it is to start making money from blogging at the same time, they quickly adapt to monetizing their blog.


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An awesome way that you can make money from your blog posts is to simply compile them into an eBook, add a cover, a table of contents, an introduction and then upload it onto an online publishing site so people can purchase it.


The type of blog post you publish will depend on what you want to achieve. You may want to share your passion for your subject matter with other enthusiasts. Or you may want chronicle occurrences in your everyday life, such as your career advancement, battling a serious illness, or your social life.


There are 8 major types of posts:

1.  Personal:

  • This is the broadest category and includes blog posts people write about their own lives or topics that interest them, such as politics, music, family, travel, and fitness.
  • Follow the 4:1 rule for personal blog posting:  For every blog that promotes products or services, provide your readers with four blog posts that are non-commercial and simply provide helpful information they can use in their everyday lives.  This will make them much more receptive when you do ask them to buy something.

2.  Top Ten of Top Tips:

  • These types of blog posts typically list your top ten choices of whatever subject you like, or offer your top tips on a subject.

3.  How-to Blog Post:

  • These are blog posts that education people on the best ways to perform individual tasks.
  • They frequently in form of video blog posts.

4.  Reviews:

  • There are lots of blog posts that share reviews about restaurants, movies, games, music, books and so on.

5.  Rant Post:

  • These are blog posts that let you give your opinion on whatever topic you like.
  • It’s your blog, so you can be as opinionated as you like.

6.  Video Post:

  • This is when you make a brief video and post it on your blog. It also can be posted on YouTube.

7.  Promotional Post:

  • These are blog posts that promote specific products, offerings and events.

8.  Resource Posts:

  • With these blog posts, you list top resources for whatever topic you are writing about.


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As a regular blogger, you will need to be continually looking for new ideas for blog posts you can share with your readers. That means you will need to take time to gather ideas. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by looking at what other people who write blogs on your topic are doing.


Whenever other bloggers subscribe to your blog, you should consider subscribing to theirs as well.  Not only will it keep you in touch with the online community that shares your enthusiasm for your topic, but it also will provide you with a steady supply of new blog post ideas delivered directly into your inbox.



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Joan Harrington


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  1. Facebook’s gone mad today. First, it said my post might be unsafe. Now, when I tried to share yours on fb, it said the same thing.
    Anyway, great information, Joan. I’m sure it will help many people with their blog.

  2. This is a great summary statement: “consistently provide high-quality content, maintain a predictable publishing schedule, and are pro-active about marketing your blog.” I agree. I also agree with always responding to comments. One of my favorite things is interacting with the people who visit my blog.

  3. Hi Joan,

    As a blogger for a few years now, I love blogging! Yes, we have to create content that solves a problem for others. We must respond to each and every comment, go to their blog and reciprocate. We start building a great community of bloggers that way.

    I am a people person and love to connect and engage with others. Some became real friends along the way.

    But when it comes to monetizing our blogs…that is a must. We must have a clear concise marketing plan in mind in order to monetize it.

    Great stuff!


  4. What a great post Joan!

    You are so on target with your incites and tips. Passion truly drives my blog and my career. I absolutely love being a photographer blogger! You can give so much of yourself when you are blogging. All the very best blogger give true value and assist their readers with challenges they are experiencing in their lives. What could be better? Share your passion, assist others, and get paid to do it!

    Thanks for sharing some great ideas for blog posts too.


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