How To Be Successful And Create Your Own Big Breaks

How To Create Your Own Big Breaks And Be Successful








You have worked your tail off learning how to be successful in business,am I right, but it’s still always a struggle – an uphill battle.





Over there is THAT guy who is getting all the attention and all the breaks.





If only you had the same breaks, surely you could have had instant success just like THAT guy did.





“It’s easy to fall into that kind of thinking – but negative emotions like jealousy and envy only serve one purpose: To keep you from achieving the level of significance you’re capable of“…….says Gary Korisko (@RebootAuthentic)




You can check out his free eBook, How To Alienate All The Right People, a real-world guide to breaking away from the herd and doing something special.







When someone bursts upon the scene in any industry and becomes successful quickly, it’s easy to assume that they got a big break that lead to their “instant” success.




What we often fail to realize is that big breaks come to those who have worked their ass off for years laying the foundation for those opportunities.




The real secret of big breaks is ridiculously simple, and yet largely overlooked by people in business.




It’s something Gary calls:  right work.




Right work is the one thing all the insanely successful super people have in common.





Busy Work vs. Right Work

  • Being busy doing something does not necessarily get you anywhere.

  • On the other hand, being busy doing the right kind of things can lead to amazing accomplishments.

  • You need to learn how to do right work.

  • When you build a strong foundation rooted in right work, you attract opportunities and big breaks.

  • In fact, they begin to appear seemingly out of nowhere.

  • Right work is simply a combination of hard work, integrity, and altruism – which is an unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

  • These insanely successful people work extremely hard, they all care about something bigger than themselves, their wealth, or their personal status.

  • The breaks enjoyed by insanely successful business people are a direct byproduct of the way they live and work.










How Do You Do The Right Work And Create Your Own Big Breaks




Right work is just a very simple set of principles that the insanely successful people intentionally live by…..




Success Principle # 1 – Have An Intense Love Of What You Do

  • Do you go to sleep and wake up thinking about your work?

  • In the enthusiastic, energized, “can’t wait for tomorrow” kind of way.

  • If not, maybe you should think about that.

  • Successful people are so excited by what they do that at times they can’t tell if they’re working or playing.




Success Principle#2 – Cultivate A Passion For Learning

  • The insanely successful don’t stop learning when they graduate from school.

  • In fact, that’s usually when they accelerate their education.

  • They’re in the position to get big breaks because they’re always on the intellectual prowl.




Success Principle#3 – Spend Your Time On The Right Things

  • Successful people aren’t just busy – they’re busy doing the right things.

  • They spend their time on tasks that will get results – and delegate the other stuff.




Success Principle#4 – Develop Confidence And Fortitude

  • Most people fold up the tent and quit too early.

  • When things get tough and you’re experiencing resistance, consider that you’re probably about to push through to something really significant.

  • The insanely successful have confidence in their path and their plan.

  • They push forward no matter what the obstacle is.




Success Principle#5 – Live Without Hesitation

  • To hell with waiting for the perfect tool, the perfect conditions, or the perfect timing.

  • Do you know when the insanely successful execute their plans?

  • Now.

  • Better to execute today and have some contingency plans than to sit and wait for those perfect conditions that will never appear.




Success Principle#6 – Practice Sincere Engagement

  • If you can’t make sincere connections with your customers, your peers, your employees, and your partners – you have an uphill battle in front of you, my friend.

  • No one gets there alone.

  • Sincere engagement is key.

  • But it must be truly sincere.

  • Engagement isn’t a tactic you can fake to get what you want – it’s a way of living.





Success Principle#7 – Help Those Who Deserve It: A Love of People

  • Winners don’t have to push other people down to succeed.

  • When put in a position to help someone who has laid the foundation and done right work, they usually step up and give the deserving a hand.






If you already practice these 7 principles of right work, good for you.





You’re on the right track.





If not, and you really want to be successful in your business, take them to heart.







Practice these 7 principles in your life and see if the world doesn’t start to look at you through a different lens








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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  1. Great article! You are so right, doing the right work makes all the difference! I try to get all of my prospecting done before the other tasks I need to do, then at least I know I did the money making part of my business first!

  2. Terrific message Joan and I love your point about the foundation that usually goes into achieving “instant” success. As an author I’ve read many stories about writers who worked at their craft for many years, enduring ridicule and hundreds of rejections only to be proclaimed an ‘instant’ success when they finally connect with a bestseller. There’s a great quote by Oprah that goes something like success is preparation meeting opportunity and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much Marquita!!!! I am so glad you enjoyed my friend:) You are welcome for the inspiration! Have a great day!

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