How To Successfully Use Your Blog Posts To Sell Without Being Salesy

9 Powerful Ways You Can Use Your Blog Posts To Sell By Not Being Salesy


Do you know how to generate sales on your blog posts and NOT be salesy?

Lots of bloggers are afraid to sell to their readers.

Because they don’t want to lose the audience they worked so hard to build.

I’m here to tell you that you can successfully use your blog posts to sell without being salesy.

The answer is simple: reciprocity.

Reciprocity happens when you give immense value to your audience.

In return, they feel compelled to help you out.

It’s a simple formula.

If your blog posts are top-notch, your readers will be open to buying from you.

But they’re not just “buying.” They’re supporting a resource they love.

And when you pair reciprocity with blogging, the results are powerful.

You’ll sell, but your readers will never think you’re selling to them.

It’s a friendly offer.

So, how do you do that?


By utilizing Neil Patel’s 9 ways of using a blog post to generate sales….

1. Provide a ton of value

VALUE  should be your number one priority as a blogger.

If you have immensely valuable content, you can sell like crazy even if you offer it free.

2. Link to a relevant product

Linking to one of your products is a simple but effective strategy for getting eyeballs to your storefront.

But here’s the catch: you have to share a relevant product.

Solve your readers’ problems by sharing relevant products with them, and you’ll make their day.

3. Describe an insanely valuable use of your product

Show off your products’ benefits.

You have to give readers specific, detailed reasons why your product is great.

Don’t just dangle your product in front of your readers’ faces and say, “You have to buy this to get anything good.”

Give them the good stuff in the post itself.

4. Blog about your customers

Sharing your customers’ experiences with your product can work wonders.

Your readers get to see how your product is benefiting real people, and they’ll become more interested without feeling pressured.

Listen to ordinary people’s stories, and broadcast them to your audience.

Your readers will instantly connect with these stories, and that means they’ll connect more with your brand.

5. Do affiliate marketing (the right way)

If your readers really love your blog, they’ll be more than happy to help you out by buying something they were already interested in anyway.

Don’t be an intrusive salesperson who hawks products to their readers.

Be your readers’ friend, and recommend products that will improve their lives.

Click Here for a product that will improve your life today!

6. Fix a problem

People will always have problems, and they will always want to fix those problems.

That’s where you come in.

By fixing your readers’ problems with your blog posts, you’re earning their trust.

Eventually, they’ll want to check out what you have to offer.

No matter the approach you choose, make sure you’re thorough when fixing your readers’ problems.

Don’t give them a temporary duct tape fix—give them a long-term remedy.

7. Give away a preview

If you know you’ve got something good, give your readers a free preview.

Let them in on the action so they can see for themselves just how great your product is.

If you have a subscription service, give your readers a free trial.

If you have an e-book, give away the first chapter.

And make sure your free preview is packed with good stuff.

Don’t give away a limited free trial or an introduction.

Give your readers the good stuff, and when there’s no more free content, they’ll likely pay for more.

8. Hold a contest

No one can resist the offer of something free.

You can leverage this by holding a contest on your blog.

Contests help you grow your audience and build interest in your brand.

After a successful contest, you’ll have a lot more people to share your products with.

To get the best results with your contest, go social.

9. Give your readers an “exclusive” deal

Every time your readers make the choice to check out your latest post, they’re investing their time in your work.

By giving your audience an exclusive deal, you’re thanking them and giving back.

Don’t make the offer public anywhere else.

Make it a readers-only deal, and say so.

You want your readers to feel special.




When you do it right, selling equals helping your readers.

Only promote products you know will improve your readers’ lives.

It’s all about helping.

If you’re focused on providing value, the selling part becomes a lot easier.


Your readers want to support you.


All you have to do is ask.


If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share….Thank you 🙂

Sharing IS Caring!

To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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68 Replies to “How To Successfully Use Your Blog Posts To Sell Without Being Salesy”

  1. Value should definitely be your number one priority. People return for value. Solving problems is a great way to provide value. If that is with a product or service you have then letting people know that your solution is available can be just the answer for both of you.

  2. Great tips, Christy. I do most of these, but # 3 really got my attention: Describe an insanely valuable use of your product. I’ll be thinking how to do that! I do give away a lot of value on my editorial blog, and it brings in a lot of customers.

  3. Super tips and you are right… we need to be sure we aren’t pushing our products when we post on social media, when we blog.. but we need to be sure we are putting it out there.. creating the CTA, asking for the sale.. or we are just bloggers writing.

  4. Great post. If you bring value, then your blog readers will want to buy something from you. They still might not buy but they at least they will want to buy. Once you bring value, then it’s also your job to make sure they know what you have available to bring them even more value. Thank you for posting.

  5. It’s all about fulfilling a reader’s needs isn’t it? You teach on topics they need to learn about and offer products and services they need. Because the majority can’t afford to pay for everything then free offers fill a need too.

  6. Hi Joan. I enjoyed this article immensely. I recently gave up on a top tier program because I hated selling so much. I have recently been approved for some affiliate programs that I applied for and am looking forward to applying your techniques. Thanks!

  7. Great topic for anyone who is an entrepreneur because you cannot develop a business if you cannot sell. Sadly, some people don’t understand how to have a selling conversation without being salesy. In my opinion, the very first step to be effective in selling and in a way that someone is not feeling pressured is to make a mindset shift from selling to serving.

  8. Great tips! It took me years to get over my fear of selling. I still hold back sometimes, but I’m getting better at it. I love your tip of giving readers an exclusive deal. I have a couple of friends who use that very effectively for their own products and for affiliate promotions.

    1. Thanks Ruth! That is great to hear 🙂 Yes it does take a little bit to get over that fear of “selling” …….but once you do, that is where the magic happens!

  9. Hey Joan,

    It is really very interesting post and as usual you always comes with better advice to enhance our experience. Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news.

    Some people have so much success with their content marketing strategies that they have hundreds of thousands of readers. Great content is a big part of the equation but the other, often overlooked area of content marketing is content promotion.

    We should always try to focus on solving problem of our reader in order to fix their problem and make them happy and satisfied. Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on wonderful topic.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  10. Joan,
    What an incredible list of suggestions for selling on your blog.
    I know that contests work, although I have never tried one. They work particularly well on a live webinar. Just knowing that someone got the prize, makes it seem more worthwhile and that I should have it also.
    Blogging about the benefits your customers have received is also intriguing to the ready. They want to receive the same benefits.
    And giving your readers an exclusive deal can make them jump on it.

    All of your suggestions are great. Now, I need to remember to implement some of them.

    Dr. Erica

  11. Hi Joan,
    Thanks for this great article. I didn’t understand the need to build a platform until I put out my first eBook for sale.People who bought it are those who have been following my blog. I am trying to engage my audience right now by giving them valuable content both on my blog and facebook . I so much I agree with you that getting people to buy from you works on the principle of reciprocity.
    Thanks once more.

  12. Great post, Joan, I agree that you must always give value. If someone knows you are giving them something for nothing they will be more inclined to buy from you when they need something in particular, and especially if you are providing a link for it too!

    Enjoy the journey!

  13. Hi Joan,

    Good tips thanks…. I was working out how to apply them to my own business when it suddenly dawned on me, I already give a completely free no-time-limit trial membership with training so people can decide at their own leisure if it’s a business model that suits them.
    Product reviews have worked well for me in the past too, although when the product is a low priced one, it’s hard to break even. That said, like DeeDee, I was uncomfortable with the high-tier program model and reverted to ecommerce stores – which should provide a great source of products to review.
    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  14. Hello Joan,

    Great , Great, Great Post.

    Some points and I love it that you acknowledge Neil Patel and his strategy.

    Great job and I have booked marked it to share with my followers

    Thankyou Joan.


  15. Great post a lot of take aways. I will apply some of the techniques you have shared. You are right most people are afraid to sound salesy. The fear is around losing a reader. Relevant information into the link is a great idea if the product help them solve they need.

  16. Joan.
    A great article with a lot of good tips such as the holding a contest I see that they can really give you followers that connect and Neil Patel has a lot of good information that works well!

    Lori English

  17. I like the idea of an exclusive deal. A few months ago I played around with this asking a question of everyone and I picked the best answer rewarded with a pair of earrings. Need to do more of this I think. Thanks for getting my brain in gear again

  18. Such a great post! I am a creative introvert who loves to write so blogging has been my favorite way to give value and in turn grow my audience and my business. I am firmly rooted in the core value of “give to receive” and you gave a lot of amazing value here xo

  19. Very helpful list. It’s a challenge sometimes to successfully sell without being pushy. I’m still trying to strike a balance between promoting my own products and implementing affiliate marketing. I’m going to keep your tips in mind!

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