A Surefire Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

How to Drive Traffic to your Blog by using Facebook Status Updates










One of your goals,  if blogging is part of your overall marketing strategy , is to get as many eyeballs on your content as possible.





One tactic that any business or brand with any kind of meaningful following should look into is using Facebook status updates to help drive traffic to your blog.









Here are 6 ways you can use Facebook to help you drive traffic to your blog from SociallyStacked.com








1.  Use a Facebook Page app to highlight recent posts, or the ones that convert best for you.

  • Whether people are checking out your page for the first time, or they’re a repeat visitor, one key to having a robust Facebook page is offering visitors a mix of entertaining and informational content.
  • Try hosting your most valuable and/or recent blog posts on a Facebook page app.
  • The app would be called “Most Popular Posts of the Month” or something along those lines.





2.   Enable Facebook’s Comment plug-in on your blog.

  • One of the benefits of using the Facebook comment plug-in is that it offers the potential for social virality.
  • When someone comments using Facebook Comments, the comment appears in their Facebook stream with a link back to the post (unless the commenter chooses to opt out of this feature).
  • People who see that their friends have commented are, theoretically, more likely to check out posts — the proverbial Facebook loop!





3.   Use a choice quote from a post as a status update, choosing one sentence from a post that will motivate your readers to click over to learn more. 

  • Entice your readers with a little snack and then lead them to your blog where they can enjoy the whole meal.
  • Try alternating between text-only status updates and visual ones





4.   Link to your blog in the “About” section of your Facebook Page.

  • Since Facebook has pretty extensive space allotted for information about businesses, this is a natural place to link to your blog, if one of your goals is to drive blog traffic.
  • Click here to check out my Facebook page




5.  Repeat links to recent blog posts.

  • As most Facebook users know, only a small percentage of a page’s fans actually see their status updates on a regular basis.
  • If you’re using your page as a way to promote new blog content, don’t be shy about posting links more than once.




6.  Advertise.

  • Facebook’s advertising options make it pretty easy to get your ads seen by precisely the people you want to see them.
  • Facebook’s Demographic Targeting  and Interest Targeting options, for example, allow you to select exactly whom you want to see that ad for your blog’s email sign-up, or even an ad for a specific post.







There you have it, 6 ways you can utilize Facebook Updates to help you drive traffic to your blog








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  1. Hi, Joan! First time commenting…

    Your tip to repeat links is a good one. As you said, many people miss your link the first time around on Facebook (or Twitter, or Google+). People live in different time zones, people have different work schedules, etc.

    So, repeating your links over a course of several days (at different times of the day, of course!) is a great strategy for getting as many eyeballs as possible on your content. 🙂

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