How To Know If You Are A Marketing Rockstar

Are You A Marketing Rockstar?



Do you have what it takes to be more than a one-hit wonder online and make your marketing out-of-this-world awesome?


To be a marketing rockstar, let’s compare your marketing strategy to one of the following 3 different kinds of rock bands to see where your business stands….






Garage Band  (Despite how great you think you are, no one knows who the heck you are)

  • No real strategy
  • Weak online presence
  • No blog
  • No keyword research or implementation of any kind
  • No social media presence
  • Your website has no lead generation opportunities
  • Not utilizing email marketing
  • No marketing automation
  • No sales and marketing alignment
  • Unaware of website analytics

How do you get out of the garage?

  • It starts with significantly shifting your mindset. 
  • The first step is shifting your allocation of resources toward a more unsolicited, lead generating approach that focuses on creating a powerful online presence, which right now, you simply don’t have.
  • Provide a valuable, educational experience through resourceful content in order to attract more visitors, rank higher in search engines, and generate more leads.


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Cover Band

  • Sure you have some recognition, but you have no real brand identity of your own.
  • You’re struggling to stand out among the competition.
  • As a result, it’s extremely hard for your brand to separate itself from the competition and control a share of the market.
  • While you may be driving some traffic, you’re really not doing much to set yourself apart from your competitors, particularly those who have a more powerful online marketing strategy.

Your focus needs to be on making your website the hub and central focus for your entire business, and getting the most out of the tools and strategies needed to execute a successful campaign.

  • This means creating more content.
  • Blogging more.
  • Improving your search engine rankings.
  • Increasing your social media engagement.
  • Revamping your email strategy.




Opening Act

  • Your ability to stay current has allowed you to stay somewhat relevant.
  • You’re very close to the big stage but still need that edge.
  •  The good news is that you aren’t far off
  • While you may be generating leads from your website, you have yet to develop a lead nurturing strategy to effectively push these leads further down your sales funnel.
  • You may not even have a clearly defined sales funnel yet.
  • Without one, you can never efficiently track and nurture your leads through the sales process.
  • Blogging consistently but lacking in readers, shares, comments and subscribers
  • Consistently posting to social media, but not driving followers back to your website
  • Sending frequent email blasts to entire contact list with no target audience in mind
  • You’re aware of traffic and lead sources, but unsure which marketing initiatives prove ROI

Your problem is with the details.

  • You have goals, but aren’t sure if the strategies you have in place will get you there.
  • You have a lead generating website, but it isn’t optimized for mobile devices

You can’t sell to everyone.

  • You need to know who is more likely to buy, and focus your marketing efforts on attracting and converting these types of prospects
  • This will allow you to have a much clearer picture of your target audience, which in turn will allow for sales and marketing to be more productive.
  • Start by creating detailed buyer personas, which are basically fictional representations of your target audience.


Once you have a better idea of who your ideal prospects are, you can more effectively create more relevant content that aims to push them further down your sales funnel.


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What does being a marketing rockstar exactly mean?

  • It means that you understand how the modern consumer is digesting and receiving content, and you’ve adjusted your marketing strategy in order to reach and engage your target audience more effectively.
  • People are using smartphones, tablets and laptops to consume and digest content and media.
  • You are what they want to consume…….You get this
  • You have a clear 12-month strategy to achieve SMART goals…
  • You have a lead generating, mobile optimized website that shortens your sales process
  • Your consistent blogging is driving traffic and leads and generating shares
  • You’ve seen improved search rankings by successfully tracking & implementing relevant keywords
  • You have a large following that consistently visits and engages your site
  • You generate a high volume of quality leads, drastically shortening your sales process
  • You’re sending highly-targeted emails to segmented lists of your contacts
  • You’re nurturing a high volume of leads through sales funnel with automation
  • Sales and marketing have shortened your sales process
  • You’re tracking and measuring lead and traffic sources, adjusting your campaign accordingly



Being a marketing rockstar simply means that you now understand what your ideal prospects want, and more importantly, know how to implement the strategies necessary to attract them. 



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Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

If You Are Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level, You Are In Luck…………


Because I have recently discovered a new tool and found out that so many are having tremendous success in a short period of time generating new, interested leads.





This new tool is called…Online Sales Pro- A User-Friendly complete system that’s intuitive, clean, and loaded with features that help you get leads, inbound marketing, and sales.  It’s mobile ready application is for Iphone and Android with intuitive, clean designs that give you real-time notifications and easily access, organize and track your prospects 24/7. There is even expert support as well.



Here are the powerful features and benefits of Online Sales Pro :

  • Helps you to generate leads for ANY COMPANY, product or service.
  • Access to 200+ Pre-built highly-responsive, converting landing pages, that are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE, for ANY language.
  • Mobile ready
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Step by step training for system use
  • Learn where to post and market for free
  • Use OSP domains or forward your own
  • Intuitive dashboard, lead management, capture pages, and app for REAL TIME CONTACT
  • Monitor your leads and sales with comprehensive statistics and data on your prospects. 24/7 accessibility and real time geo-located features.
  • Use our system to get leads, convert them to sales, and maximize a multi-step funnel.
  • There’s even ongoing sales training, webinars, and resources to help you out.
  • Lead Table with one of a kind lead management software
  • To help you to stay organized and professional
  • One click scripts/rebuttals
An Easy, Effective, Everything You Need Complete System with the latest lead generation features:
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Community Template Base
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Team Training University



So, if you are ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL……just click the “Start a free trial” button below today!



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(after trial only $ 37/month. No silly set up fee!)



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How To Be A Smart Marketer

Are you a smart marketer?








You have to be smart marketer to make your marketing easy to believe.




You’ll be surprised by how many more people will gladly buy from you when your marketing is more believable than your competitors’.





Are you one of the many marketers that believe you need to mislead and manipulate?

  • Even many marketing teachers and coaches believe that marketing needs to be misleading and manipulating
  • Where you draw the line is your decision.
  • I would rather err on the side of being too specific and realistic about what people can expect when they buy my coaching or training products.
  • But as long as you don’t omit something important, being less specific isn’t necessarily misleading.
  • All moral and ethical considerations aside, marketing is a lot easier and more profitable when you’re honest.
  • And that should motivate even the most morally challenged marketers.




In general, it’s easier to make people believe a truth than a lie……And when people believe what you say, they’re much more likely to buy from you.




But being honest isn’t enough; people don’t necessarily believe your claims even if they’re true.




Especially if you promise something many dishonest marketers promise as well, people will struggle to believe you’re different.







Here are a 3 ways to make your honest claims appear honest by guest blogger, Peter Sandeen, Firepole Marketing



1. Use Testimonials that Address the Skepticism Specifically

  • Most testimonials focus on hyping up the product or the results it creates.
  • To alleviate skepticism, your testimonials need to specifically address what people are worried about.
  • A testimonial from a customer who first doubted your claims, but then got the results thanks to your product, will alleviate skepticism more than the usual testimonial.
  • Try to use testimonials that specifically address the skepticism your prospects are likely to have.


2. Explain How You Can Enable Such Great Results

  • It’s not enough to glance over why your product/service can create great results.
  • You need to give people such a clear understanding of how the results will happen that they can really believe they’ll get those results.
  • This is actually a common mistake not-so-experienced marketing people make; they claim to have a great system to building a profitable business but don’t really explain it in detail.
  • Sure, some people will just have faith.
  • But most people need to feel like they’ve understood how you can create great results.
  • You have to learn to explain what you do and how you do it, otherwise you’ll struggle to convince people you can help them.


3. Give Results Without a Big Commitment

  • Give people a taste of the benefits your products/services create before asking for a big commitment.
  • Information business (sells web design training): create free content that teaches some of the basics of web design, so people can see how well you understand and teach the topic.
  • So, consider how you could give people a taste of what your products/services really help them get.
  • And then give it to them without asking for a great commitment.




You can be honest and people can believe you, but that’s not enough to make you sales.




People only buy if they see persuasive reasons to buy.




So, what persuades people?




When you see a great reason to do something, you’re persuaded to take action.




That’s what your marketing should do: show people great reasons to do what you want them to do (that is, pay attention to you and buy from you).




Your marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, you don’t need all the different marketing tactics and tools, and you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by all the options you’re faced with.




When you know the most persuasive reasons for people to pay attention to you and buy from you (that’s your “value proposition”), all you need to do with your marketing is get those ideas across.

  • So, figure out what it is you need people to believe to persuade them.
  • If you want to follow Peter’s simple exercise that will walk you through the process, download it here.
  • And remember, when you know what you need people to believe, make sure you give them enough reason to believe it.




People are skeptical, so don’t expect them to accept your claims without questions, unless you make the claims easy to believe.





Is your marketing honest and persuasive?









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Are You Using These 5 Unique Strategies That Will Increase Your Sales?

5 Unique Strategies Most Entrepreneurs Aren’t Using To Increase Sales








It’s becoming harder and harder to gain attention from your audience, add in higher advertising costs, and you come to one conclusion…….




…….That when you get a new customer, you must do everything humanly possible to provide as much value as possible while developing that relationship.




If you’re like most people, you might have a traditional upsell sequence in place which helps fill out your back-end to increase customer lifetime value.






In this post, I’d like to share with you 5 unique ways to increase your sales and profits BEYOND a traditional upsell sequence from Jeremy Reeves a sales funnel specialist.






Strategy #1 – Surveys

  • Surveys are a fantastic way to segment your buyers and discover their unique interests, without them even realizing it.
  • Using surveys is the fastest and easiest way to create sub-lists of customers who are able and willing to tell you exactly what they want from you, both in terms of content, and in terms of products or services.
  • You can use surveys in several different ways for several different purposes, including:
  • At the beginning of your optin pages to segment your prospects
  • Directly after a sale (or even on the checkout page) to segment your buyers
  • Within emails themselves to gather more information about your audience
  • Before creating a new product so you know exactly what your audience wants
  • No matter how you choose to implement your surveys, the point is to use them to gather data.
  • Then use the data from the survey to increase your sales while sending messages just to those parts of your audience that you know are interested.


Strategy #2: Personal Coach Campaigns

The purpose is to offer your audience:

  • Tips for using your product/service properly to extract the most benefit.
  • Case studies of other successful customers to reduce buyers’ remorse.
  • Reassurance that they’ve made a great purchasing decision.
  • Information about other products/services that they would find helpful.
  • Ways to give you feedback/testimonials in exchange for gifts.
  • It’s a very genuine way to help customers and increase your back-end sales at the same time.
  • Plus it’s easy to setup.
  • You can learn how to write emails in 15 minutes or less.
  • Then put new customers through the sequence before sending them other offers.
  • Trust me, you’ll “wow” them… because nobody else is doing it!


Strategy #3: Retargeting

  • Retargeting is a huge opportunity that most online businesses are missing.
  • If you aren’t familiar, retargeting is a way to track visitors to your website and then present them with a banner ad for your product or service later, when they’ve left your site.
  • I’m sure you’ve had the experience of visiting a company and then seeing that company’s banner on other websites you visit.
  • Retargeting allows you to follow people even after they’ve left your site.
  • You can stay top-of-mind for a fraction of what you’d pay for regular cost-per-click advertising.
  • It can be even more effective on existing customers.
  • Here’s what you do.
  • Place a tag on your thank you page.
  • That way you know you’ll only be sending that retargeting message to existing buyers, who are worth more money to your business.
  • Then, rotate your ads, showing different offers.
  • When a customer clicks on one of those ads, they get put into a specific autoresponder campaign giving them more information about that product or service.
  • It takes work.
  • It takes time.
  • But it’s WELL worth the effort to increase sales.


Strategy #4: Stick Letters

  • Most people marketing online today refuse to test going offline.
  • And they’re making a huge, huge mistake.
  • One of the strategies used by those who use both online and offline marketing is called a stick letter
  • Think of a stick letter as your first upsell page.
  • It is a 2-4 page letter which first thanks the customer for the order.
  • It then gives a few tips on getting the most out of what they have bought (like the personal coaching campaign above).
  • Finally, the letter transitions into telling that customer about a special offer because they’re a new customer.
  • Just like an upsell page.
  • They’re easy to create.
  • You can even automate it by creating a postcard which gets sent to the customer, leading to an online video.


Strategy #5: Personal Consulting Calls

  • These days, people throw up red flags the second they feel an incoming pitch.
  • So instead of calling customers and immediately pitching them, you do something like this…
  • Hire someone to call each new customer.
  • The purpose of this call is to acknowledge who you are and why you are calling them.
  • The reason you’re calling them is to make sure they are doing OK with whatever they just bought from you, and to make sure they don’t have any questions or need any assistance to get the most out of their purchase.
  • In the process of answering their questions, you then become a consultative adviser.
  • Instead of trying to “sell” them, you are instead trying to HELP them.
  • You can now ask probing questions to determine exactly why they bought, what they’re struggling with, and what their goals are.
  • Then if you have another product or service which would meet their needs, you can discuss it with them with full authenticity.






Now it’s time to get to work.




Figure out which of these makes the most sense for you to implement right away.




Either do it yourself, or hire someone with the experience to get it done for you.




Then, get started on whatever makes the second most sense for you.




Continue doing this until you have implemented all 5 strategies.




Then, take a step back and see how much your sales (and profits) have increased!








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How To Start A Blog That Matters

Start A Blog That Really Matters









The world desperately needs guidance on how to start a blog that matters!





“Whether you want to lead a revolution to get kids to eat healthier, overthrow a dictatorship, leave a legacy of life lessons for your kids, build a business that can be run from anywhere, land your dream job, or simply make the world smile or laugh a few more times each day, a blog and social media are the most powerful tools I’ve come across for doing so. They change the world every day. And they have the potential to enhance, if not completely redefine, any project that you work on”………says Scott Dinsmore,





The challenge is where to begin.




Focusing on the right strategies makes all the difference so what separates average blogs from the ones that change the world?







Here are 4 fundamentals, from Scott,  that must be followed to create a blog that matters:





1. Have a cause worth following.

  • In the words of leadership expert Simon Sinek: people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
  • This goes for buying into ideas as much as it does for buying actual products.
  • You must have a purpose that matters to you more than anything else.
  • And then be able to communicate that purpose, that Why, in a way that connects with others and makes them want to join you.
  • Not because you believe what you believe, but because they believe what you believe.
  • Changing the world by doing work you love, is my cause here.


2. Help people.

  • Nothing good happens in business (or life) if this is not the first thing you think about.
  • And your Why will guide how you help people.
  • If you are not helping others with a massive problem, you should move on to something else, period.
  • Nothing feels better than helping people in a way that’s unique to who you are.
  • Get that right and anything is possible.
  • It begins and ends with serving others.
  • When in doubt, give.
  • Just give.
  • The rest will take care of itself.


3. Write mind-blowing content.

  • Nothing experiences long term success if it’s not high quality.
  • Especially in the online and written world.
  • Standards are sky high.
  • If you write crap (or produce crap videos, or whatever your medium is), you will get crap results.
  • All the social media tools, tactics and strategies in the world won’t do a thing for awful content.
  • The good news is that if you have a deeply passionate cause and do everything you can to help people, the epic content will likely follow.
  • Fill your site (and others’ sites, via guest posts) with the best you can possibly produce.
  • People will start to notice.


4. Make real connections.

  • Just because you’re online does not mean you can sit in your basement and write all day and night.
  • The online world runs off personal connections, just like everything else in life.
  • Communicate with people over social media, skype and yes, in person.
  • Get out and spend time with people in the flesh.
  • People want to help people they know.
  • Everyone wants to help their friends.
  • Go make some.






The reason most who want a successful blog either never have one or it never goes anywhere, is either because they never started or they never knew the right steps to take.





Nor did they have the confidence to take them.





Massive confidence (and dedication) seem to magically appear when you know the path you are following is one that’s proven to work.





 All you have to do is start.









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Marketing Myths…….Declassified

Here are 7 Common Marketing Myths











Reading marketing blogs can give you a pretty twisted idea of what marketing and business are like.





When you’re distracted – even if just a little – by some myth, you forget to focus on what really makes the difference in your marketing: understanding why people should buy from you, and making sure your marketing conveys those reasons.









Let’s take a look at 7 marketing myths that plague the marketing world.





“When you’re aware of the myths, you can look at marketing advice much more objectively and discard the stuff that doesn’t really help you succeed”…….says Peter Sandeen ( who  helps businesses stand out from the competition)





Myth#1: “Anyone Can Make Money Online”

  • It’s technically possible for practically anyone to make money online.
  • But not nearly everyone is cut out to do it.
  • Honestly, a lot of people don’t have the dedication to do the work necessary to actually make money online.
  • Let’s put it another way: “Anyone can make money online” should be “Anyone who’s willing to do the work, can create/do something plenty of other people want to pay for, and is damn resilient can make money online.”




Myth #2: “If You Try Enough Tactics, Something Will Work”

  • If you just “try everything until something works,” there’s no telling how long it will take for you to see results.
  • Even more unfortunate, many people try several tactics at a time, so they don’t really learn any of them.
  • They don’t see results, so they move on to other tactics – even though the problem wasn’t necessarily in the tactics, but rather in their knowledge of how those tactics work.
  • Build a single, simple marketing system that works. 
  • Study it, improve it, and master it.
  • The green grass will always look greener on the other side, so fight the temptation to switch tactics prematurely.



Myth#3: “[Blank] is The Best Marketing Tactic”

  • Practically every marketing professional has a favorite marketing tactic.
  • And there’s nothing wrong with that
  • But when they suggest that their favorite tactic is “the best,” they’re either amateurs or liars. 
  • They’re amateurs if they believe what they’re saying and they’re liars if they know the reality.
  • There’s no “best” marketing tactic.
  • So, the next time someone tries to convince you of a marketing tactic’s benefits, consider how well it really fits into your business.



Myth#4: “The Customer is Always Right”

  • If you just take it as it is, it’s plain wrong.
  • Especially if you’re in a coaching/training business, you have to remember that your clients aren’t always right.
  • Your job is actually to point out how they’re wrong, and then help them fix it.
  • In most cases, pointing out your customers’ (or even prospects’) mistakes is a great reason for them to want more from you.
  • That is, you’re the one who was able to point out how they’d get better results and/or avoid costly mistakes.
  • Pointing out that your customers are wrong makes them hooked to your advice.


Myth #5: “Your Customers Are On Social Media”

  • “Your [potential] customers usually means people who are currently interested to buy what you sell.
  • Depending on what you sell, there’s a really good chance people aren’t interested to learn about it through social media.
  • In other words, when they’re at Facebook or Twitter, they’re not potential customers at that time.
  • “Social media as a  marketing tactic , can be misleading, and it can work for various kinds of businesses but lacks consistency”….says Peter.



Myth#6: “Content Is King”

  • “Content is king” implies that content in itself would be enough.
  • Content, regardless of its quality, is only a piece of a marketing tactic.
  • That’s something we, and especially many new bloggers, forget: just creating content for the sake of having it on your website or blog doesn’t help your marketing.



Myth#7: “Build It and They Will Come”

  • Start a website.
  • Create great content.
  • People come to read it.
  • You make money.
  • Nope.
  • Almost regardless of your topic, there are plenty of other sites with similar content.
  • People don’t automatically find your content  – no matter how good it is.
  • You need to market your content.
  • Let’s say you do a good job marketing your content and plenty of people find it.
  • There’s no guarantee they’ll ever come back, let alone subscribe to your email list for updates.
  • The only reason they’ll come back is if you stand out from your competition in some meaningful way.
  • You need to give people good reasons to want more from you.






You need to figure out the best reasons for people to pay attention to you and want your content (and products), and make those benefits immediately clear to your audience when they reach your site.






 If you are unsure how to find out those best reasons, you can discover the best reasons for people to pay attention to your stuff with Peter’s quick 5-step exercise.






It lets you evaluate your ideas with perhaps uncomfortable honesty, but it’s well worth it to know what makes you stand out from the competition.









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5 Tips for Focused Sales and Marketing

Here are 5 Tips for Focused Sales and Marketing









Here are 5 tips , from Gary Korisko, Reboot Authentic, that you can use to begin targeting the right potential customers for you.






1: Adjust Your Focus

  • This simply means that you change the way you look at your targets.
  • Start thinking about personally engaging specific groups of people with specific messages instead of broadcasting generically to the world.
  • Your goal should be to attract only the people who will connect deeply with you and your business.
  • You don’t need lukewarm well-wishers.
  • You’re looking for raging fans.




2: Grow Thick Skin

  • When you begin focusing in on the right prospects and quit trying to please everyone, guess what happens?
  • Some people aren’t going to like you, your business, or your products.
  • No matter how nice you are or how stellar your work is, someone isn’t going to like it.
  • And that’s okay



3: Just Like In School: Don’t Copy

  • Be careful that you don’t (even unintentionally) become a knock-off of someone else in your market.
  • Pay attention to your competition, learn what you can from their successes
  • If you do what everyone else does and you’ll be lost in a sea of sameness.
  • Do something different and you stand out in a crowd and create a much more productive sales environment.




4: Be Loud and Proud

  • Be authentic
  • Be genuine or real.
  • But whatever it is that makes you who you are – whatever makes your company and your offerings unique and different… that’s what makes you interesting.
  • Don’t gloss over those things.
  • Accentuate them.
  • Quirks and all.
  • Unique is memorable.
  • Same is forgettable.
  • Which would you rather to be?



5: Market and Sell To Your Best Customer

  • Who is your most loyal customer or follower right now?
  • Who really gets you and responds well to everything you put out into the world?
  • That’s the person who you should use as a mental avatar when you’re creating new products, services, or messaging.
  • Create offerings for and market to your one perfect customer.
  • The odds are that the things that attracted that one perfect customer to you are the same types of things that will attract similar customers to you in the future.





Go where your prospects like to be.






Once you’ve defined your target customers, do some research and find out where they congregate.






Make a list of places your target customers tend to be and you will have no shortage of ideas about how to market to them.




 Put these five tips into action and start targeting the right prospects.




Over time you’ll see the difference in your bottom line.






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How To Cut Through The Network Marketing “Fluff”

Find Out What Will Really Work For You, By Cutting Out All The Network Marketing “Fluff”








How do you cut through the “fluff” and find the advice that really makes a difference to your business – the practical steps you need to take that will lead to the results you’re after.







Here are the practical steps you need by  Peter Sandeen, (guest post, Firepole





The sad fact is that most people don’t really apply and follow through with the advice they get.



Not even when they can see it would help them.



Most network marketing advice is about tactics.

  • If you’re on a few marketing “experts” email lists, you see a new “How to build a successful blog,” “The 5 Twitter tips you must use,” or “The ultimate guide to getting more traffic” drop into your inbox every few minutes.
  • All those tips about marketing tactics are pretty much nothing more than a distraction if you don’t already have a solid marketing strategy.




“Focusing on tips on marketing tactics (e.g., social media, blogging, email marketing, SEO) before you have a solid internet marketing strategy is like sawing curtains when you haven’t built the house yet”……says Peter.



Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and plusses at Google+ are worthless if you don’t have a strategy that converts the people into customers.



The same goes with blogging, which can be a total waste of your time if you don’t do it strategically.



Advertising isn’t just a waste of time, but a waste of your money, too, if you don’t have a solid strategy around it.










You need a solid marketing strategy first.





You need to start from the beginning….”The Baby Steps of Effective Marketing”

  • Effective marketing is always based on a solid strategy.
  • There are some “fundamental” steps you need to take before you can build a strong strategy.
  • First, clarify your value proposition – what are the best reasons your target customers have for paying attention to you, joining your list, and buying your products.
  • You must be clear about what you want to achieve and what kind of a business you want to build.
  • You might need to get clearer about who your target customers are and/or change your products and services to better match what people want.

The core of the process is to first clearly understand why people should do what you want them to do.

  • You can focus all your efforts to making people notice those reasons which make them as likely as possible to buy what you sell.




Find a Way of Thinking That Makes Sense to You

  • You need to find a process that makes sense to you and follow through with it.
  • When you see a process you understand and believe in, take the first step.
  • Ask for help with it if you need to.
  • Just don’t postpone the fundamental steps and creating a clear marketing strategy because it isn’t fun or easy.
  • You’ll struggle to make any marketing tactic create results until you have the strategy in place.
  • If clarifying your value proposition seems like a natural place to start for you, try this quick 5-step system for finding the core of your value proposition.
  • If some other way of thinking of marketing strategy makes more sense to you, go for it.
  • Just get it done.





Maybe you haven’t known where to start or have forgotten to take the plunge.




When you have a clear, strong marketing strategy, all the network marketing advice you come across will make a lot more sense because you can see how it fits into your own strategy.




And you can skip the 95% of ideas that don’t fit your strategy




Have you wasted time and/or money trying out more and more tactics without a strategy or before even taking the fundamental steps?











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The Art Of Networking

Networking is an art.









Networking takes time, patience, and practice to master.



It’s become very difficult to work on your goals and establish a strong presence in a competitive atmosphere.



Who should you have involved in your network?



Don’t turn to the wrong people who may tarnish your credibility, completely level your authority, and suck the networking life out of you.







Protect your credibility and authority by avoiding the following 5 networking misfits from Penny, Editor, Ezine Articles






5 People You DON’T Want in Your Network



1.  The Bad Influence

  • Getting out of your comfort zone to take a calculated risk on a new innovation is a healthy part of any industry and builds your credibility.
  • Have a plan and continue to build upon that plan without making a career-ending move due to poor advice.
  • The Bad Influencer, who always seems to have a “shortcut” or a “get rich quick” strategy, may be appealing to your long-term plan, but there’s always more than meets the eye.
  •  Stick to your guns and don’t give these people a chance to infect your attitude, strategy, or sense of pride.



2.  The Epic Complainer

  • Traveling in packs, Epic Complainers are thrilled to share their pessimism and anything to kill a positive mood.
  • They appear on social media sites arguing and sharing their negative beliefs like it’s their role in life to play the dubious devil’s advocate or seeking out rare exceptions to prove you wrong.
  • The toxicity of Epic Complainers will turn any bright dream into a nightmare.
  • Don’t try to argue with Epic Complainers – you cannot win as they wield their favorite words “but” and “actually.”
  • Stay positive in everything you do.
  • Your network should be sharing information that will help you improve, not just giving you reasons to not pursue your passions.
  • Search out those who are optimistic and listen to your ideas.



3.  The Spammer

  • You work hard planning, creating, and maintaining articles, products, and websites.
  • You deserve respect and a good reputation, which the Spammer will promptly sabotage.
  • If you let these types of people inside your network, they will try and influence your direction to reach as many people as possible, but not in an effective way.
  • The language they use can seem repetitive and robotic to advertise something that they most likely did nothing to help create.
  • Keep the Spammer at bay and out of sight so you can catch the bigger fish using your own marketing and personal connections with your customers.



4.  The Greedy Miser

  • You’ve seen businesses and websites that always seem to want your money first, then they’ll actually show you something.
  • The Greedy Miser encourages this behavior, salivates at pyramid schemes, and will overprice average products while failing to deliver quality content.
  • This type of networker has a burning desire to use your money to make more money and doesn’t believe in offering anything for free.
  • If you have any ebooks or helpful tips for your audience you want to give away, keep the Greedy Miser’s hands off your decision making.
  • If you need someone who has experience with promotion and advertising, make sure they aren’t just in it for the quickest payday and want to target a quality user experience.



5.   The Phony Follower

  • Real followers can be good contacts who will help you spread the word about your new products and interests.
  • The Phony Follower, on the other hand, at first seems excited to work with you and establish a healthy relationship, but it all comes with a catch.
  • The Phony Follower has 0 new ideas and is just riding your tail in hopes of catching wind of your secret to success.
  • He will not assist you in your journey; he’s just there and his lack of contributions will drag you down.
  • It’s best to end ties with the Phony Follower people before they latch on to your marketing recipe and take you for a ride.




Steer clear of the above characters who will only push negative expectations and feedback that will stifle your successes.


There are many levels of networking and an abundance of people who can give you motivation, sound advice or that extra help that can push you to the top.


It’s important to know who may be a good influence on your goals and productivity.


As you sort through the various people to network with, think about who you would want by your side when it counts.





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Joan Harrington

How You Can Benefit As A Member Of BetterNetworker

How You Can Benefit As A Member Of BetterNetworker





Benefiting As A BetterNetworker Member




Did you know that BetterNetworker is the Number #1 site on the internet for home based businesses and entrepreneurs?



I would like to tell you about a site I use called BetterNetworker, and why it would benefit you…..



When you become a member of the Association of BetterNetworkers, you get access to four major benefits…



Benefit #1:

Access to the ABN Leaders Library

  • The Leaders Library is literally packed with years upon years worth of exclusive interviews with industry leaders and top notch marketing experts, including:  Todd Falcone, Aaron Rashkin, Mike Dillard, Ray Higdon, and many more…

  • What’s more, the Leaders Library is updated every single month with a new interview that ONLY members like you have access too – it’s always growing!

Benefit #2:

The Ability To Post Content on BetterNetworker

  • Only ABN members can post articles, video, podcasts, and blog entries on BetterNetworker.

  • And posting content is the easiest way to get your business in front of thousands of targeted prospects and build your reputation as a leader people can trust.

  • You see, content posted on BetterNetworker gets top-ranked by search engines like Google, and it gets ranked fast.

  • So whenever you post content, you’ll get free, targeted traffic, as well as massive exposure to our community of over 100,000 members.

  • And since is tightly integrated with Facebook and Twitter, your content can easily be shared and “go viral” across these social networks.

Benefit #3:

Capturing Leads with Your Own Customizable Lead Capture Form

  • Every time you post an article, video, blog post, or audio clip, you have the ability to capture leads with your own personalized lead capture form.

  • However you decide to customize yours, it will appear alongside every piece of content you post!

  • Which means whether you’re hard at work on your computer, or enjoying a margarita on a beach somewhere…

  • You’ll be capturing leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefit # 4: 

Instant 3rd Party Credibility

  • Once you become an ABN member, you’re given the right to use the ABN Verification Seal on your websites, blogs, and in your emails.

  • When people see it, they’ll know instantly that you promote and uphold our better business practices.

  • You become a leader with integrity whom they can trust and feel confident about doing business with.

In today’s world, having this kind of credibility is priceless.


As you can see, becoming an ABN member really is a no-brainer!







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