Are You Talking to the Right People?


Are You Talking to the Right People?









Do You Know If You Are Talking to the Right People?






Everyone wants to know “the secret” of social media marketing.




Some people think there’s a magic trick for automating Twitter or Facebook, or a special way to buy lists of social media users.




You’re too smart to believe that, but you might be surprised to know that there is a secret — a factor that you need to understand to make social media marketing work for you.









Those who fail to understand this can’t ever really make social media work.

  • They’re the ones who say it’s a waste of time, that there’s no ROI, that social media is a fad for teenagers, not a real way to do business.
  • It’s not a secret or special way to talk to more customers.
  • It’s not even a technique for listening to more customers.





The secret is who you need to ignore.





In fact first, there’s something you need to understand about content marketing, especially when you use social media to get the word out…..

  • The first customer is the one you already know and love
  • It’s that very special person WHO buys from you
  • The second customer is the person who shares your content
  • If he/she has the attention of lots of readers, he/she can put your great content in front of those readers



Every piece of content has to work for one of your two customers








1.  This is about content marketing, not content self-expression.

  • Self-expression is a fantastic and worthy goal, and sometimes it can make your marketing work better.
  • Your content marketing has to make a connection with one of two customers:
  • The person who buys your stuff
  • The person who gets lots of other people to read your content
  • Any given piece of content has to work for at least one of those two readers.



2.  Beware the peanut gallery

  • If you have a blog or participate in any kind of community online, you’ve probably noticed that not every reader falls into one of those two categories.
  • You’ve got the perennial devil’s advocate, who makes a point of painstakingly pointing out every way your content might not be correct in every single circumstance for all people everywhere.
  • You’ve got the professional crank who just hates everything.
  • You’ve got the outright troll who likes to stir up trouble and make everyone crazy.
  • And you’ve got a bunch of nice people who just aren’t that into what you have to offer.
  • Collectively, we can call them the peanut gallery.
  • They have a lot of advice for you about what you should do differently.
  • You should write different content.
  • You should publish in a different format.
  • You should write on different topics.
  • And, by the way, they don’t like your blog theme.





Here’s how you handle the peanut gallery…..




Ignore them.




Save your energy for your two customers: those who buy, and those who spread the word.


  •  This  is what you may be thinking right about now:
  • “But shouldn’t I at least try to respond to everyone?”
  • There’s just one problem with trying to engage each and every soul who wants to talk to you.
  • It will exhaust you
  • And your focus will waver.




If you’re creating content that’s intended to persuade, you need to focus on the person you’ve chosen to be your customer.

  • That means the person who wants what you have to offer, who benefits from your solution, who enjoys your approach, and who has the means (money, time, etc.) to take advantage of your offer.



This is what you have to do next…..

You see….



You can’t really make a connection with those two customers if you don’t know who they are.

  • So sometime today, take about 10 minutes to brainstorm everything you know about your perfect customer — the one who buys your stuff.
  • Do some freewriting to uncover who she is, what she values, why she loves you, what problems you solve for her.
  • Then do another 10 minutes of freewriting to brainstorm your perfect “second customer,” the one who shares your content.
  • What kind of platform does he have?
  • What’s his topic?
  • What’s his approach to that topic?
  • What’s his relationship with your perfect customer?



 Think about where these two customers hang out.

  • Twitter?
  • Facebook?
  • LinkedIn?
  • What’s the best place to make a connection?



How does your current content look?

  • Does all of your content marketing speak to one of your two customers?
  • Does the balance feel right, based on where you are today?





Remember this…..





When you start out, you focus a bit more on your second customer, so you can get the links and recommendations that build a wider audience.




As your content starts to find more readers, you’ll shift, providing more for those all-important first customers — the ones who buy.








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Joan, as a complete newbie to blogging and social media in general, I have a lot to learn. You post is brilliant and your website is such a mine of useful information – I have a feeling I will be visiting quite often!

    1. Thank you Beata!!! So glad you find so much value here 🙂 You are welcome to come back anytime! If you like, hop on my email list, just opt into the banner under my picture to get even more value to help you 🙂 Hope to see you girl! Have a great day!

  2. Hi Joan! I like what you call customer #2. I think the Google Plus Engagement Blog Club has great potential to be those people. That’s how I ended up here. Thanks again! Shared to Twitter.

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