How To Tell If You Are A Blogging Wimp

5 Warning Signs To See If You’re a Blogging Wimp






As bloggers we put our reputation on the line each time we hit publish.



Blogging is about making meaningful connections and you don’t build relationships with your readers on auto-pilot.



Here are 5 warning signs you might be a blogging wimp by Henneke




1. You worry about unsubscribers

  • Not all subscribers are readers; and not all readers are your fans.
  • Subscriber numbers are less important than reader engagement, enthusiasm, and love for your blog.
  • You can only build your blog and your business when people feel connected to you, when they want to listen to you, when they become your fans so they spread the word for you.
  • Stop worrying about unsubscribers.
  • Instead: build stronger ties with your real fans.



2. You don’t experiment

  • Writing in the same format week in week out is easy.
  • If you never experiment, you never learn whether you could do better – gain more comments, win more shares, reach more clients.
  • If you never try something new, blogging becomes a chore.
  • Your posts become drab when you lack enthusiasm.
  • You’re slaughtering your voice and boring the boots off your readers.

To keep your blog fresh and exciting, try something new:  

  • A long, epic post or a super-short provocative post.
  • A new writing style.



3. You’re intensely private

  • To promote your business you need to craft meaningful connections with people.
  • That means showing your face and telling at least part of your story.
  • Your dreams.
  • Your mistakes.
  • Your fears.
  • When you give readers a glimpse of your personality, they can get to know you, and like you, and trust you.
  •  You don’t have to bare all.
  • Set your own boundaries, and don’t hide yourself completely.



4. You crave being perfect

  • We all like to receive compliments about our blog.
  • We love tweets, and likes, and plusses.
  • We love hearing how talented we are.
  • You must realize that you can’t please everyone.
  • You don’t need to be perfect.
  • Our job as business bloggers is to appeal to the clients who are right for our business.
  • We don’t need to worry about people who don’t like us or who don’t fit our business.
  • We don’t need to please the crowds.
  • We don’t need to know everything.
  • We don’t need to be perfect.
  • We only need to engage our ideal clients and turn them into raving fans.
  • Fans know we’re human.
  • They like us because of who we are.
  • That’s why they want to do business with us.



5. You’re afraid to share a strong point of view

  • Popular bloggers are not afraid to take a stand.
  • They are opinionated.
  • They may have extreme views.
  • They go against the grain.
  • Stop trying to keep everyone happy.
  • Share what you truly believe in.
  • Be bold.




Feeling a little frightened is normal.


You’re pushing your boundaries.


You’re discovering new opportunities.


You’re experimenting and growing.


You’re not a wimp.


Keep going.


Be crazy and have some fun.





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