The 10 Secrets to Happiness

What Are The 10 Secrets To Happiness?









1o Secrets To Happiness





Today I want to share the 10 Secrets to Happiness I learned from Andrew Matthews…..Enjoy!




What is more important than being happy?” Andrew Matthews asked the audience in a seminar……. In case you don’t know who Andrew Matthews is…… a little introduction……He is an international speaker on “attitude“, “being happy“, “success” and “prosperity” and the best-selling author of motivation and personal development classics like “Being Happy!” and “Follow your heart“.









Are you ready to know the 10 secrets to happiness?




Listen up!





1) Be happy where you are now

  • Be thankful for what you have, instead of moaning about what you lack.
  • Be satisfied with what you have when you are in pursuit of what you want.




2) Happiness, more than anything, is a choice we make every day

  • Happiness is a conscious decision.
  • You choose to be happy today or you choose to be miserable.
  • Your action/reaction is determined by how you choose to perceive a situation.




3) Happiness is understanding the things we can’t change yet and working on those we can

  • Some things are hard to change overnight.
  • It’s unusual to change from a pauper into a millionaire in a day.
  • Happiness is knowing that some things take more time.
  • We can start by working on what we can change immediately.




4) Put a smile on your face. It changes how you think.





5) Whatever you get, accept it and deal with it

  • All too often, when something bad happens, we are too quick to point fingers and start placing blame on everyone else.
  • Happiness is about accepting responsibility and dealing with what comes your way.
  • Blaming the whole world is not going to solve anything.




6) Problems = Catalyst to take Action

  • Andrew advises to see problems as a catalyst for us to take action.
  • Problems are good teachers, so learn to love them.
  • Next time, when you face a problem at work/in business, remember to run up to your boss/partner and say, “We have a huge opportunity!”




7) Learn from the elephants!

  • How do you eat an elephant?
  • Answer: One bite at a time.


  • What did the elephant say to the naked man?
  • Answer: How do you breathe through that thing?




8) Put everything you have into whatever you are doing now

  • Do your best (100%) and life will support you!




9) It’s not what you get. It’s what you become that matters

  • Know what to expect – Expect a better you.




10) No one else is going to make you happier. Work on yourself.

  • A lot of people get things mixed up.
  • A wife thinks about all the bad things her husband does while a widow remembers all the good stuff.
  • That is the ultimate recipe for misery!
  • Isn’t it better to switch the lists around?







Bottom line is this……







Happiness is in the way you think.





No one can make you happy except yourself.




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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