The 3 Most Important Keys To Know About Social Media

What Are The 3 Keys To Social Media Success?








Do You Know The 3 Keys To Social Media?




The three keys to social media, as defined by KISSMetrics  are:


1.  Engagement

2.  Value

3.  Marketing




Let’s break them down…..









1.  Engagement

  • Part of being social is communicating and engaging with people.
  • Consumers are on Facebook and Twitter to interact with people and brands.
  • Why engagement is key to social media success:
  • People are using more than just email and phone calls to communicate with brands; many are now tweeting or posting on Facebook pages.
  • If a brand doesn’t respond to any inquires on Facebook or Twitter, then it’s equivalent to not answering emails and not picking up the phone.






2.  Value

  • Providing value to users can increase your retweets and shares.
  • Fans are following you because they either like your brand or like what you’ve been tweeting / posting.






3.  Marketing

  • Social media is not an advertising platform.
  • It can and should be used as a place to occasionally promote your latest offerings and sale.
  • You do want to promote your brand; you just don’t want to do it too often.
  • It is important to find the right balance between your usual tweets and the promotional tweets.







When approaching social media the right way, says Zach Bulygo (a blogger for KISSmetrics), you can build relationships with current and prospective customers, update fans on your business activity, build loyalty and possibly make a sale.





The key is to have a balance.





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