The Art Of Networking

Networking is an art.









Networking takes time, patience, and practice to master.



It’s become very difficult to work on your goals and establish a strong presence in a competitive atmosphere.



Who should you have involved in your network?



Don’t turn to the wrong people who may tarnish your credibility, completely level your authority, and suck the networking life out of you.







Protect your credibility and authority by avoiding the following 5 networking misfits from Penny, Editor, Ezine Articles






5 People You DON’T Want in Your Network



1.  The Bad Influence

  • Getting out of your comfort zone to take a calculated risk on a new innovation is a healthy part of any industry and builds your credibility.
  • Have a plan and continue to build upon that plan without making a career-ending move due to poor advice.
  • The Bad Influencer, who always seems to have a “shortcut” or a “get rich quick” strategy, may be appealing to your long-term plan, but there’s always more than meets the eye.
  •  Stick to your guns and don’t give these people a chance to infect your attitude, strategy, or sense of pride.



2.  The Epic Complainer

  • Traveling in packs, Epic Complainers are thrilled to share their pessimism and anything to kill a positive mood.
  • They appear on social media sites arguing and sharing their negative beliefs like it’s their role in life to play the dubious devil’s advocate or seeking out rare exceptions to prove you wrong.
  • The toxicity of Epic Complainers will turn any bright dream into a nightmare.
  • Don’t try to argue with Epic Complainers – you cannot win as they wield their favorite words “but” and “actually.”
  • Stay positive in everything you do.
  • Your network should be sharing information that will help you improve, not just giving you reasons to not pursue your passions.
  • Search out those who are optimistic and listen to your ideas.



3.  The Spammer

  • You work hard planning, creating, and maintaining articles, products, and websites.
  • You deserve respect and a good reputation, which the Spammer will promptly sabotage.
  • If you let these types of people inside your network, they will try and influence your direction to reach as many people as possible, but not in an effective way.
  • The language they use can seem repetitive and robotic to advertise something that they most likely did nothing to help create.
  • Keep the Spammer at bay and out of sight so you can catch the bigger fish using your own marketing and personal connections with your customers.



4.  The Greedy Miser

  • You’ve seen businesses and websites that always seem to want your money first, then they’ll actually show you something.
  • The Greedy Miser encourages this behavior, salivates at pyramid schemes, and will overprice average products while failing to deliver quality content.
  • This type of networker has a burning desire to use your money to make more money and doesn’t believe in offering anything for free.
  • If you have any ebooks or helpful tips for your audience you want to give away, keep the Greedy Miser’s hands off your decision making.
  • If you need someone who has experience with promotion and advertising, make sure they aren’t just in it for the quickest payday and want to target a quality user experience.



5.   The Phony Follower

  • Real followers can be good contacts who will help you spread the word about your new products and interests.
  • The Phony Follower, on the other hand, at first seems excited to work with you and establish a healthy relationship, but it all comes with a catch.
  • The Phony Follower has 0 new ideas and is just riding your tail in hopes of catching wind of your secret to success.
  • He will not assist you in your journey; he’s just there and his lack of contributions will drag you down.
  • It’s best to end ties with the Phony Follower people before they latch on to your marketing recipe and take you for a ride.




Steer clear of the above characters who will only push negative expectations and feedback that will stifle your successes.


There are many levels of networking and an abundance of people who can give you motivation, sound advice or that extra help that can push you to the top.


It’s important to know who may be a good influence on your goals and productivity.


As you sort through the various people to network with, think about who you would want by your side when it counts.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Hey Joan,

    Nice look for your blog. But I definitely agree with all of these 5 people to watch out for. I came across a lot of them and it just wasn’t pretty LOL… This is definitely a great share! Thanks for the tips!

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