The Benefits To Blogging…..Why You Need To Blog Daily?

What You Need To Know About Blogging










Why Blogging Is Important For Your Business





Professional blogging is definitely a useful tool in your content marketing toolbox that you can use to build your business…..says Author Derek Pankaew





The Benefits Of Blogging

  • The ability to create a closer connection with your readers and customers.
  • More interaction and the opportunity for your readers to submit content through their comments.
  • Easy way to post company updates. Tell them about new products, events and more.
  • An opportunity to connect with other professional bloggers, exchange posts and other promotion opportunities.
  • A blog should come with a strategic plan because the simple act of blogging doesn’t increase your business.
  • You have to know why you’re doing it and how you plan to achieve your goals.




Why Your Blog Needs A Crystal Clear Core Message?

  • Blogs that tend to do well are blogs that have a crystal clear core message that people can instantly relate to.
  • The message should be short and sweet.
  • You should be able to express it in a single breath.
  • When you have that kind of core message that’s both easy and exciting to share, people will easily help you get your content around by passing it to their friends, linking to you and helping you succeed.
  • A clear message makes it easy for people to envision how the content in your blog can help them.
  • Without a great core message, it’s very easy for your blog to get lost in the clutter.



What makes a core message great?

1. It Needs to Be Unique

  • Your core message needs to be different  than any other core message on the market.
  • Otherwise, you risk having your blog categorized as “just another blog in X market.”


2.  It Needs to Have “Snap”

  • When you explain your core message, it shouldn’t sound like a lecture.
  • Instead, it should sound extremely snappy.
  • When someone hears your core message, there should be an “AHA!
  • They should instantly recognize the value in what you bring to the table.
  • Great core messages on the other hand solicit the response of “Hey, I know someone who could use that.”


3.  It Needs to Address a Need

  • A great core message needs to be presented in solution format.
  • It should solve a pre-existing problem.




How To Design Your Core Message

  • Try asking a few people you know what your blog is about.
  • Were the responses similar? Or were they all over the place?
  • What do you think makes your blog different?
  • Do you have a clear answer?




If you don’t have a crystal clear core message yet, coming up with one is one of the most important things you could do for your blog.




Make sure it matches the above criteria and use blogs you respect as inspiration……for example I respect and am truly inspired by Ray Higdon and all of the awesome value he shares about blogging… can learn more from Ray here.





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