The Choice Is Always Yours……

The Choice Is Always Yours……











You Always Have A Choice…..




Here is some inspiration for you…….enjoy…..





Instead Of Asking, Start Doing.






There is nobody on this planet that will help you more than yourself.

So stop looking for handouts, it’s the year 2013, anyone can get what they want if they are truly willing to put in the effort.



Your opportunity is endless……opportunity only seems small when you think small.


Life is a beautiful thing when you learn how to dominate it.

Stay humble, but you better be confident in your abilities if you want to capture the lifestyle of your dreams.


Always remember…




What you think about, you will bring about every time.




So start thinking positive, take action, go after what you want, and be confident!



You attract, how you act.



So become like the person that you want to join your business and watch how many freakin’ rockstars start showing up!



Don’t get impatient!



As you grow, you learn…



Here is the simple switch you need to make now if you want to become a leader……put yourself in a leadership mindset now, instead of a follower mindset,and the things you will learn “as a leader” along the way, will blow your mind.


Let me explain…



You need to think beyond the crap you are going through right now, and instead of feeling the negativity of it, find the lessons in it, and realize what you are going through, many others are also going through right now as well…



You stop playing victim and you start learning from every situation you go through.



Be the bigger person and figure out the solution!



You win that freakin battle, you overcome that crap, and teach others how you did it!


Then you simply share your thoughts on why your mind didn’t allow the small things to stop you.


You share your thoughts on why your mind allowed you to breakthrough that obstacle that would have slowed most people down.


All you have to do is realize the power you truly have and you will start doing things that will blow your own mind away.


No one needs to give you credit or permission to use the gifts you have inside of you right now!


Only you can show the world what you have to offer.



Only you can give 1000% of those gifts you were given.



No one is more special than you…



The people you “see as leaders” just realized their potential and tapped into it.



Tap into yours and you will literally impress yourself everyday, just like you may be impressed with what the leaders you are following say or do…


No one has an advantage in life, the people who are willing to fail to learn, will succeed.



All it takes is the shift of realizing obstacles and problems are amazing, because that’s how you grow to become a better person.



“Normal Life” teaches you to get down on that crap, but realize the struggle you are going through right now, is going to make you the best self you could have ever imagined.



Believe in yourself!



…you are so much more powerful than you even know!


Be willing to put in “your time” if you want to get to the places you have always dreamed of…

It’s worth every sacrifice, I promise that!





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Great inspiration Joan! See the blessing in each moment, high vibe it, and you cannot help but to grow like a weed in no time. I see more opportunities than anything these days….no use in seeing anything else lol!

    I also know choosing your thoughts and feelings takes persistent, dedicated practice, but by practicing you can shift your awareness quickly and reap a harvest where you formerly saw know growing potential.

    Practice shifting your focus to create astounding situations in your life.

    Thanks for sharing!

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