The Guide to Captivating and Educating Your Readers

How would you like a simple guide to captivating and educating your readers?



As a blogger, it would definately help, right?


You love sharing your knowledge. So you pick a topic you know well. Then you write a step-by-step explanation. Do some editing and voilà … your tutorial, guide or how-to post is ready to publish, right?


How often do you read how-to posts that are superficial and useless? How often does reading educational content feel like a waste of your time?


*Tip* -When you are writing a simple guide, you need to think about your audience before picking a topic:

  • Are they struggling with the problem you want to write about?
  • Do they want to solve this problem?
  • Can you help them solve this problem or is the problem too big? Can you narrow it down?




“It’s easy to fall into the trap of writing what you know, and forgetting to share what your readers want to learn. Think about your readers and create a recipe in easy steps”.…..says Henneke  



To help readers implement advice for an abstract topic, (like how-to for topics like leadership, self-improvement, or marketing), you will need to use images,metaphors, and examples, so readers can visualize your ideas.


Educational content is the staple food of content marketing


“Practical advice is shareable advice” ~ Jonah Berger


As Henneke says “Useful content also builds your authority, increases your credibility, and gets readers to trust your advice. That’s how you earn the opportunity to sell.  But how-to guides only work when you inspire your readers to implement your advice”.


So, remember, the next time you share your tips, think about your hungry reader and make your advice concrete so that it will not only captivate but you will be educating your audience as well 🙂


Does your content invite and inspire?


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Sharing Is Caring!


To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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0 thoughts on “The Guide to Captivating and Educating Your Readers

  1. Great information, as always, Joan! One of my personal “quandaries” is trying to decide what to give away as a freebie and what would be valuable enough that people would pay for it. Suggestions?

    Of course, anything with an adjective like “educational” always attracts my attention! 😉

    • Thank you K Lee! It depends on what your business is all about and then figuring out what is it that you want to “hook” your readers up with for getting on your list…….it has to be something that will not only create curiosity but excitement as well so they will be happy to give you their email address 🙂 You should jump on my email list to take my free blogging course that will help you with ideas for your own…….

    • You need to teach yourself those “catchy phrases” Mina 🙂 Educate yourself on what you need to know to help yourself and your readers. If you like jump on my free blogging course that may help give you some ideas.

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