The Law Of Attraction….The Cure for “Negative Attraction”…

The Law Of Attraction….Cure For “Negative Attraction”












The Law Of Attraction….The Cure For “Negative Attraction”






If you look around and see a lot of what you don’t want in your life, you’re experiencing “negative attraction”


Debt, bills, stress, a job that leaves you unfulfilled (or perhaps no job at all) -strained relationships, lack of passion or creativity.



We know from the law of attraction that what you think about – you attract.



So how do you stop thinking about your problems and start attracting your desires?






The law of attraction (combined with Inspired Action) makes it possible for you to turn things around….To create a new life rich beyond imagining –no matter where you are now.





If your mind is focused on your problems, on what’s not working – if you spend time feeling bad about yourself, about your life, angry towards others…Then what you’ll attract will be in alignment with those thoughts and feelings.



The breakthrough comes when you discover how to put your mind in the moment, to enter a state where the past and the future didn’t exist.







When you are in the “now” everything you manifest is automatically aligned with your desires.






Stepping into the “now” instantly dissolves negativity and raises your vibration so you only attract what you desire most.




Everyone says to “live in the moment”.



But… how do you do that??



Kristen Howe spent years searching for the answer…..And now she found it.






Just follow Kristen’s simple 3 step process and entering the now becomes as natural as breathing…







We attract what we think about, it’s critical that we find a way to put our minds on what we want (instead of what we don’t want).



The most effective way to keep your thoughts centered on your desires, leave your problems behind and attract your ideal life is to be in a positive, energized state of appreciation.




Kristen’s program – “Unlock The Power of Now” – takes you into the moment effortlessly and gives you the power to create what you want.

  • Until now the only people who had access to this information were her private coaching clients…..And they paid $400/hour to learn these secrets.
  • If you’re looking for a way to supercharge the law of attraction, this is where it happens… in the NOW.


I encourage you to check it out because not only does this program have the power to make rapid positive changes in your life, this is the lowest price ($19.95)  it will ever be.






But hurry……it will only be at this special price from May 1st – May 5th!




Find out what’s possible when you spend more time in the moment, release the past and clear the way for a bright future.




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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