30 thoughts on “The Most Important Key to Social Media Success

  1. Hi Joan,

    Showing up regularly on social channels programs folks with your message and strengthens bonds. Fabulous point here. Thanks for sharing with us. Way too many social folks go with the Hit and Run approach and miss the point; smart social is persistent social.


  2. Hey Joan,

    Really relevant post for me. At the moment I am using a number of different social media platforms but my baby is Twitter, once I get my head around that to a satisfactory level I will move onto another with the same vigor. The reason I share this because I only use Automated to share my posts and quotes, oh and the automatic thank only because I don’t know how to turn it off yet. I carefully select who I follow. It is time consuming but the benefits are now starting to present themselves.

    The frequency that you talk about – I am always paranoid that I am doing it too much and then I see what others are doing (because this is a learning stage) and I don’t post near enough. So I have yet to come to a solid conclusion in this area. Thank you for this information it is very valuable.


    • Hey Rachel,
      Awesome, so glad this post was relevant for you girl 🙂 Yes you are doing social media the smart way, master one at a time!
      Yes, the more frequent that you post, and the more consistent you are, the more people will see you 🙂 Remember to always do what you feel is right for you . As long as you are consistent, you will be fine 🙂

      Thanks for your awesome comment as I always enjoy hearing from you my friend 🙂 You are very welcome!!

  3. I definitely agree with not automating the curation of content. Sometimes I see people share stuff that I’m almost certain they didn’t read beforehand, and I feel like that’s a big no no. Glad you shared that point!

  4. You’ve definitely shared great advice here Joan. I agree with you, we should be aware of the content we’re sharing to make sure it’s relative to our niche and what our followers are looking for.

    It’s funny you mentioned Reddit. I just signed up tonight and tried to submit my first link but it kept giving me an error so I logged out. 🙂

    Hope it was a great hump day!


  5. I definitely agree that social media is super important. I’ve been doing well getting traffic from Facebook, but now I need to concentrate on getting it from other social media. I will use your suggestion and tackle them one at a time. Thank you!

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